Do you ever come home and ...

  1. find your floor like this? :rolleyes: I swear I wasn't gone more then half an hour!! The second picture shows one of the offenders hiding under the bed after I came home, I couldn't find the other one to take a pic, she is somewhere far under the bed :lol:
    Picture 065.jpg Picture 068.jpg
  2. LOL!! awwwww!!! Its just so tempting for them.
    I can leave the room for a second and Maya will have a hold of something. In fact every time I open my closet door, off she goes running with one of DH's socks! (he's messy) I've definately walked into a bathroom like that before.
  3. OMG! I know it was a mess, but that is cute as heck!
  4. YES!!!and it always seems to be the bathroom trash (I try to keep the doors closed but I guess I'm always in a hurry and forget to) I'll try to get after my 2 pekingese pups but then I see their cute faces and I just can't do it!:shrugs:
  5. I know, it's impossible to scold them, one look and my heart melts :Push:
  6. I get TONS of catalogs, and magazines on a weekly basis..I stack them in a big paper shopping bag and take them to a frineds house for her to enjoy..well I had them by the front door last week and was going to take them the next day. I left to run some errands and my little Lilly..had a paper PARTY. I came home and she had shred them better than a paper shredder. It took me like about an hour to pick it all up. I was cracking up. The day before she had gotten a throw pillow of my NEW sofa and was teething on the zipper and managed to pull alllllll the stuffing out ALL over the lving room! Little terror. (Im just grateful it is not shoes etc!!!) I could not imagine our home with out her!!!!
  7. I know I shouldn't laugh but I just can't help myself :roflmfao: ,hope they didn't ingest any of that stuff.
  8. That is soooo funny, mainly because it did not happen to me this time. I feel your pain. They love the bathroom trash!
  9. Yes! And it's not just dogs who are guilty of such "crimes". My cat, Eddy is into EVERYTHING! I make sure the medications are well out of his reach and locked up. Cotton balls and Q-Tips are no match for Eddy-Eds and I have to make absolutely sure the bathroom door is latched at all times. Mao loves to shred toilet paper and paper towels. That's why I no longer use the paper roll hanger in the kitchen. Mao will get on the counter (he knows he's not allowed up there) and start rolling the paper towels off the roll. I caught him napping on his handiwork once, but did not get to the camera in time to take a pic.
  10. looool no way! never had a dog :biggrin:
    too cute..I love the picture of your dog hiding.. so innocent 0:smile: hehe
  11. This happens to me ALLL the time, my lab Diesel is into everything when we leave the house....the fridge, pantry, trash, nothing is off limits to him!! It is so hard to get mad cuz he is so darn cute!!!!

    Your little baby is adorable-how can you get mad at something that precious!!!!
  12. With 3 cats...I get alot of damage!! But your pics are too funny! It's so funny when they know they did something you don't know it was them!

  13. LOL! YES YES YES! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Today I had to dig a brownie outta her mouth. Can chocolate actually kill dogs?
  14. Gosh, I saw the first pix and I thought to myself that if I were you in that situation, I'll be real mad. Then I see the second pix- how could I ever get mad over those little cuties? Aww...
  15. I think it won't kill them right on the spot, but it's really not good for them in the long run. Just don't let them have any to be on the safe side. ;)