Do You Ever Buy A Coach Bag Because Someone Else Has It????


Feb 9, 2006
I have to say that is why I just bought my Glam Tote...I bought my 17 yr.old dd the orange/magenta glam tote last month for her BD..I got it at the Outlet for a Great price...Any how, I just liked the way it looked on her and how much she has in it, and it is still comfortable to carry...With my Maggie, there are the 3 seperate compartments and with the Glam, it's one huge compartment, and now with the new totes, the front zip is Great...I know there has been alot of Poppy bashing here and there, but I will say for the price point, you get a Great deal....I also have to disagree, about the Age factor, I'm 40 and I still love my Poppy Collection.....It is my Favorite Line right now.So if Any of you get the Urge to buy a certain bag because someone else has, please post...:smile:


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Mar 5, 2010
Oh, yes, I've done this. During May PCE, I got the black Sydney shoulder flap after seeing the pics online of Charlize Theron with this bag. I thought, "Whoa, I liked the bag and now that I've seen it on her, I love it!" Also ended up getting the Madison Exotic Carryall in bone after seeing all the pics of it on tPF, esp in the light pink. That became a "had to have" after those posts as well!


Feb 23, 2009
I do this all the time, but it's usually because of all the great reveals and comments on tPF which make me look at a bag again and really love it. Like my Parker Hippies, when they first came out I didn't even like them (unbelievable now, lol), but after I started seeing the reveals here I fell absolutely in love with it and ended up with four of them.


Feb 23, 2010
I don't buy a bag just because someone else has it, but I have fallen in love with bags after seeing how awesome they look on someone else.

This! I saw the Pop C print in a reveal and was instantly smitten! I had to make her mine! I did wait until the new Poppy line had made it to stores though, so I could see it in person before I bought it. I also saw a Sapphire Hippie reveal on here and had to get the bag. :nuts:


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Nov 12, 2009
This definitely happens to me, all too often!

1. After seeing Peggle's modeling shots of the bordeaux Ali, I had to find one for myself.

2. I kept seeing a lady at the outlet mall carrying a metallic silver original Peyton and had to hunt one of those babies down.

3. Saw Jenn222's reveal with modeling shots of the XL black Maggie and, after resisting it for a week, had to go pick one up.

4. Peggle, again, happy dancing with her lavender Gracie sold me on that bag.

5. At my son's school's open house I saw a lady carrying the black leather Peyton carryall. After having left it behind at the outlet, I decided that was a big mistake and had to work pretty hard to track one down.

It's those darn modeling shots! They get me every time.


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Jan 24, 2010
The modelling shots at TPF are very helpful in terms of the purchases I make. Sometimes, I see the photos on the site and am not impressed, but when I see the actual modelling photos (ie. white leather Madison Hippie), I think it looks rather stunning. I remember not liking the Pop C line before, but at school, someone was using a Pop C Poppy tote and it looked amazing!


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Feb 21, 2010
Yes! Not just to have it because someone else has it, but what happens is what like the rest of you have said.....maybe you don't like the bag initially when you see it in the store or something, but then you see the reveals here, or for me, I'll see someone somewhere carrying a certain bag that I never looked twice at (this happened to me w/Gigi) and then I see the bag in a whole new way, and it becomes an obsessive mission to find one! The Kristin hobos have been that way for me.....and I finally got one.


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Jan 26, 2008
When a style ithat I didn't initially care for is super popular, I sometimes wonder what I've "missed" (Carly, Zoe). I can also get swept away by reveals and modeling pictures (Coach doesn't realize how many sales are made, based on reveals alone!).

I've fallen for several bags that others have bought--Maggie, the original Peytons, the Legacy bags made with Garcia leather, etc.!


Dec 30, 2007
Definitely, a bag sitting static in a picture is different from a bag being modeled on a person (this from the queen of I never take modeling shots). Plus sometimes getting others comments makes a real difference.

I also find in a store with everything cluttered together I pass over things, not just purses, but when you take something aside on it's own it can be quite compelling.


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Jan 3, 2010
I don't buy a bag just because someone else has it, but I have fallen in love with bags after seeing how awesome they look on someone else.

Same here! Seeing someone carrying the bag IRL, seeing how they use it, how easy or hard it is to get into and out of the bag when also toting shopping bags, holding a child's hand, or just going about their business. Looking at how the bag has transformed itself over time as the leather has broken in a bit. This can make me fall in love with a bag I never wanted before.

I saw someone at the outlet carrying a plum (?) Maggie, not the embossed one but the regular leather one. I'm not a Maggie fan but I loved the way that plum Maggie looked, and I actually thought I might pick one up if I could find one in that color.

This has happened with siggy bags as well. One of my coworkers has the orange/magenta Glam tote that dawnqueenb69's DD has, and it just looks so summery and cheerful which is a boon for schlepping to work. I was drawn to this bag when it was in the outlets but not enough to buy it at the time, but this was when they were still only 30% off.

I saw a lady carrying a beautiful black/black siggy Carly earlier. The bag was giant, plus the lady was petite, but it looked fabulous on her! I missed the Carly craze and I much prefer Zoe and Brooke to Carly, but I enjoyed seeing this bag in action and I have a new appreciation for Carly.

OTOH, seeing bags carried IRL has turned me off of them, too. I saw someone in line fishing through their well-stuffed siggy Peyton carryall once, and I thought the bag looked awful (sorry to those who might have and love this bag). It just didn't look right stuffed up and hanging open on a shoulder. This was not long after I'd purchased a leather Peyton carryall but was unsure about keeping her because of the open top. I eventually returned that bag, mostly because of the open top but seeing it in action on others didn't help.
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