Do you eat food after it falls on the floor?

  1. At home - yes
    Anywhere else - HELL NO!
  2. No...never.
  3. 5 second rule applies at home!!!
  4. Ditto at my house for my husband, but I rarelly eat anything off the floor.
  5. HECK no!
  6. No
  7. The dogs usually get to it before I even have time to pick it up!
  8. nope

  9. It depends for me. If its something i love to eat I would pick it up and eat it, my house is very clean so... I would never do it anywhere else, not even if it falls in the table where I am eating.
  10. No, I can't. I can't even eat something if it fell on the table!
  11. Never, but I have a cat, so I'm always thinking "is there hair there?" or "did she just walk there?" - I keep things tidy, but a pet pretty much negates your ability to eat items that fell on the floor!
  12. No, I can never bring myself to even with the 5 secs rule nor .5 secs !
  13. If I know the floor is spotless and super clean then I go by the 5-second rule. But that's about it.. I'm a clean freak when it comes to food and drinks. I won't even use the same glass or spoon as anyone else and I don't like letting someone else have a bite of my food since I'm afraid that they're going to leave a little spit. I could go on and on LOL.
  14. Nope~ but my bf does that most of the time.. he always said that human bodies have their antibodies to kill bacterias etc. but still..... i could never eat food after it falls on the floor.. :tdown:
  15. never...and we even take our shoes off in the house. Although, I doubt our feet are that sanitary either..and so many scary microscopic things can collect on the floor that we can't see.