Do you do this too....

  1. I was at lunch today and had my multipli-cite and of course she was sitting in the seat next to me. Well anyway, I kept looking at her and would instantly fall back in love with her. It's like I just got her yesterday but I've only had her a month or so but wanted to know if those of you who have had your bags for a long time still feel this bond. :heart: Thanks!
  2. I do! Every time I take out my Lodge PM in black MC I fall in love all over again....and I've had her for 5 months!
  3. Yes yes! I thought I was crazy and so do my friends and family, but I would leave my purse on a chair or table or in the passenger seat in the car and then glance at it every now and then during breaks in traffic or a lull in conversation etc. I do this with all my bags! Gosh we ought to be commited....
  4. too funny....but, yes...hope this love affair with lv lasts forever:P
  5. i fall in love every time i look at my damier poor BH is getting no love from me since i bought my speedy
  6. happens all the time with my Speedy..

    or my new wallet- so proud everytime I use it and pay I enjoy using the zipper finding myself stearing at it...

    oh god- what am I talking about.. ;)
  7. We are so sick. I'm in love with my simple accessories like my key holder and my agenda lol
  8. Yes, in fact I am so in-love with my Pegase60, I have it in the bedroom so it is the first thing I see when I wake up.:heart:

    I used to have the same feelings for my Mercedes, in fact, I still feel that way. It drives so nice . . .

    I know that sounds odd about material possessions, but I know they are jsut that.

    I just like my stuff - which is a good thing !
  9. Every time I THINK of my mono speedy 35 tucked away in her dustbag my heart goes pitter patter!!
  10. yes of mono eedy's very special bag to me..always fall in love with it all over again anytime I carry it. It's pretty much the only bag I wil never sell. It's priceless, DH got it for me..:love:

  11. I do everytime i carry my Mc speedy, she's my fav :smile:
    When i go out for lunch/dinner she gets her own chair, and i've had people look at me like i'm nuts. but thats ok :smile:
  12. Oh absolutely!!! I love all my LV bags and whichever one I happen to take out with me, I'll feel this love starting all over again whenever I see her reflection in a mirror or in front of a shop...:shame: My black mc alma actually receives most of my love because I happen to use her the most (so practical!), but my white mc speedy gets treated like a royalty when we go out together! :lol:
  13. I love all of my bags. Whenever I have one with me, I am always looking at it. I even dust off a seat for it at restuarants!!
  14. i feel that way too. for me, it's about my tulum pm. i can't believe that i ever took the plunge & bought it (it was my first lv). i feel that way about my wedding ring, too. it's the most important posession i have--i stare at it all day long, and can't believe that i own something so beautiful. we're all crazy, you know....
  15. Lol! I just did that tonight (she sat on the inside chair, just in case the waitor was careless)...I tried to get my DH to part with his napkin to cover her up...but no luck :smile:...I think he thinks I'm nuts.