Do you do a lot of things not in your job description?

  1. Just curious. I had a very straightforward job description when I started my job. I definitely do other things and don't mind. It amazes me, though, that many people consider it a hard-and-fast contract -- maybe I'm not in-the-know about this.

    Do you do much that's not in your job description? And do you resent it?
  2. I personally think I do a lot of things outside the scope of my job description, but since I'm in management, it's my job to do anything and everything that gets the job I am pretty much used to it. I don't really resent it, I knew I was taking on the workload of 3 people - ha ha

    I would think that these days most employees would be prepared to do tasks outside their job description, and not be surprised to be asked to do so. Most job descriptions I've seen include that all important phrase "and other duties as assigned". That's how they get you.
  3. I work for a large national corporation--but our local office only has six people. Only two of the people in the office do the same job.

    This week, three people were out for three days, and one person was out for one and a half days. I'm the only one in the office who does what I do (recruiter), and most of the week, instead of doing my own job, I had to take on two other roles. It was incredibly frustrating, because we're so short on staff. Yet, when I miss work, my work doesn't get done! And one of our staff misses about two out of five days each and every week. It gets incredibly old doing her work for her...

    Additionally, the first month I worked there I did 50% travel. It went down to 25% the next month, and now it's down to maybe 5 to 10% travel, but when I interviewed for the job I wasn't told that I'd have to leave town not...even...once.

  4. I do. Anytime I've ever been asked for help I do it and it doesn't bother me. But then again, I'm asked to do voice recordings, take pictures, design ads...which I suppose falls under my category. In other words, things I actually enjoy doing. It's the same way around our office though, eveyone helps each other out, I am not the only one.
  5. Working for a large company, I've learned that job descriptions rarely cover everything that a person is actually expected to do. I've always found it good to do things outside your job description - usually it allows one to acquire skills or information they would have not received normally, which definitely helps when it comes to performance reviews and/or promotion discussions. The people who always cry out, "That's not my job," when given a task are also the people who don't move on from their positions and wonder why. :rolleyes:
  6. right now im working as an assistant so i do basically EVERYTHING. from office work to personal things. it's funny because they'll ask me to do like 20 things throughout the day and they always mix personal tasks with office tasks but i mean in a way it's good because they trust you with a lot of responsibility. it also preps you to multitask ALOT. but ill admit sometimes the things they ask me to do are a bit ridiculous and if that's the case i would just calmly explain to them the problem.
  7. I believe that willingness to go outside of our job description is one of the traits that define a good employee. I am an engineer by trade and find that I constantly have to push the envelope to get the job done; it is one of the things that keep my job exciting and fresh. If we don’t grow we die.
    I am a bit of a workaholic but try not to take it to extremes.
  8. i do basically my boss's entire job. in turn, he does a bunch of stuff for his bosses, and we both do it so that we can get promoted. i look at it this way: it's more desirable to promote someone that's already familiar with the tasks that the job requires - it automatically makes them a better candidate than anyone else in at least one way. the things we do, eh?
  9. not really. I just summarize all the things that I'm doing at my work because they might get bored of reading my resume after all.
  10. I justify offloading with a good reason. And if someone is trying to push their job on you then it shouldn't be hard. :smile:

  11. I could not agree more. However, if you find youself providing the boss with sexual favors, you might want to re-read your job description!:p
  12. ^ LOL... I don't work so I have no idea!!
  13. that is a scary thought Irishgal....
  14. Oh Lord, don't we all...I don't think I have ever worked where I did what my job description said... :idea:
  15. And sometimes the people who "always cry out 'That's not my job'" have enough of their own GD work to do to be bothered with trying to do anyone else's. People should just go to their jobs and do their own work.