do you carry reissue/jumbo to work?

  1. The reissue 227 and jumbo are pretty sufficient for a work bag. Do you carry to work?
  2. I carry both of these to work. I usually wear suits through the week and very casual on weekends. I use these bags no matter what I am wearing.
  3. I use my 227 all the time too.
  4. Nah, I usually carry either my cloudy bundle or my cabas to work because of all the stuff I carry. The reissue is too structured for me to stuff everything in.
  5. No. My reissue isn't big enough and I have the jumbo. :p I need a large tote for work.
  6. There's no way folders fit into my 227 reissue. It has to be a GST. Even GST is pretty small & am thinking of going to a Paris Biarritz.