Do you carry Mulberry Purses or Wallets in your Mulberry Bags?

  1. Although I am not a Mulberry owner at present (although hope to be soon!) I do love them.

    On researching what Mulberry bag to buy, I noticed that this thread does not have a "What's IN your bag" sticky (and haven't found a thread on it - like this one in Balenciaga - and I just wondered if you all use a Mulberry Purse or Wallet as well as your Mulberry bags, or if you use another Purse.

    Also, how much do your Mulberry bags fit in to give us all an idea of how big the bags are and what they carry.

    I'm sure this would help (especially photos) when looking to buy new bags.

    Please post any photos you have and I will do the same when I get my bag (probably a Phoebe).
  2. ^^^^^ One of our ladies has a nice olive phoebe on eBay at the moment.

    Yes I have just the one Black Mulberry purse which I am using inside my purple mabel and also switch when using my Blk Annie.

    I have a blue paul smith which I shall use inside my Pink Hanover/couldn`t find a nice pink or coloured Mulberry to match this one.
  3. yes i have a lavender mulberry roxanne purse which i carry in my mulberry tyler and a marc jacobs bow purse which i cary in my dior gaucho
  4. All my accessories are Mulberry. I always carry a Mulberry purse - have done for years - and I also always have a cosmetics bag & organiser in my bag. I've got 3 different Mulberry purses - don't know why but carry a smaller one in the summer than in the winter.
    All my Mulberry bags carry stacks of stuff - I'll take some pics when I get a chance. Good idea for a sticky though - would be a useful reference.
  5. I don't have any Mulberry wallets...but I plan to! Real soon!
  6. I don't have a Mulberry wallet :shame: but it's the next thing on my list. I've been saving up for the gunmetal Agyness wallet but I've gone off it :hrmm: I tried it out the other day - took a tip from sarajane and tried it in my bag and everything;) and it just didn't work for me. Quite bulky, the lock would annoy me, I found the zip a bit fiddly and the inside popper thingy kept opening :rolleyes:

    So, back to the drawing board....

    However, I've just spied the Continental wallet on the website and I think I may have a new contender :happydance: It's cheaper than the Agyness and much simpler - really classic. I think it will be really nice to use and shouldn't get on my nerves as there aren't too many features. However, I need to try it out first so won't be ordering online. I'm hoping John Lewis stock it as I've got a voucher to use :yes:

    But I'm really excited about it. They've got it in chocolate and oak on the website - I think I'd like the oak but I know the chocolate would look nicer for longer.....

    That said, I really love the Concertina wallet too, but I think eBay is the only place I'd be able to get one of those and don't want to risk a big, fat fake.
  7. I have the continental chocolate wallet. It is nicer IRL than on the website.
  8. Did you get it around Christmas time and call it a button wallet or something? Or poppers? I remember someone posting about a new wallet, fastening with poppers :lol:

    Any chance of some pics of the inside? Pretty please :girlsigh:
  9. No i don't own a Mulberry wallet :nogood:
    At the moment i am using a chocolate brown DKNY one!
  10. I have the emmy purse/walllet in oak. It's quite big, but that suits me for all my bits, and I love the way it's worn. I'm going to try and track down the cosmetic bag with the postmans lock in oak, with a view to using it for bits and bobs, rather than make-up. Thinking this might work for me when bag swapping?
  11. That was me. I don't know how to put photos on the computer. I like the mulberry emblem on the outside.
  12. i have 2 paul smith wallets no mulberrt wallet
  13. No I carry an orla Kiely wallet at the moment!
  14. I carry a black congo leather purse which is still looking good after (I can't beleive this) 12 years !!!!!!!!!!! I wondered why I was getting bored with it.
  15. No but i'm hoping to get a mulberry wallet this year!!!