DO you carry Coach when you shop at Coach?

  1. I ask because I noticed at the boutique last night (which was almost as crowded as an outlet - because of PCE) that less than 1/2 of the women shopping there were carrying a coach bag! (I was one that wasn't)

    Also - There were a lot of men in the store with wives/girlfriends. Which hasn't been the usual.

    I've noticed at Louis Vuitton the majority are carrying LV.
  2. I don't make a specific effort to carry Coach in a Coach store, I have several Michael Kors and a Banana Republic leather one that I carry a lot as well.

    I think as long as you're not carrying a fake Coach it doesn't matter in the least.

    Interesting topic....I'm curious on other peoples thoughts on this
  3. A looooooot of women don't carry Coach bags when they come in the store. When I'm working and I see a woman with a Coach bag I always comment on it (if it's real) as do most of the SA's I work with. Sadly though you see almost as many women carrying FAKE Coach bags as you do carrying REAL ones.
  4. thats gotta be frsutrating knowing you can't say anythign to them.
  5. I typically do. I tend to buy a lot at PCE and I want them to see me using it. Also, I've gone in to show them specific bags and shoes before that they haven't seen in person but they think the item looks cute in a catalog (or sounds cute like my patent ergo tote). And actually, I think I use Coach every day now. I've gotten rid of most of my other handbags.
  6. I don't make any effort one way or another, but considering I carry Coach 96% of the time I usually am. By the time I get out of there the SA's have usually noticed that I have on Coach bag, wallet, charm, keychain, lanyard, and shoes....

    Kinda embarrassing, I usually don't realize that I have so much coach on me. But it's cool, I love it and they know I am a good customer.
  7. :sneaky: Well... not really lately. I usually carry a bbag, because they have been the only bags from my closet to see the light of day recently. However, my Pond Legacy bag gets put in the rotation just to spice things up...

    I used to ALWAYS be carrying a Coach bag, because I was a Coach "only" type of gal. Since bbags have come on the scene, things have changed.

    I agree that it shouldn't matter what type of bag you're carrying... as long as it isn't a fake Coach!! I assume that the SAs at my store probably don't know what type of bag I'm carrying, but they still know I like to buy & look at Coach! (Although... I haven't been very "wowed" recently with their products... so Fall may be my first purchase in a while.) :p
  8. Since I pretty much carry Coach every day anyway, yeah...but not because I'm making a special effort to!
  9. I owe tooooo many Coach purses, and I've gotten to know the SAs at my Philadelphia store pretty well. They think it's funny that *every* time I come in, I'm carrying the same old, worn, black Hamptons tote, even though I manage to buy a new bag every time I'm there.
  10. I only have one Coach now, and it's small, I use it as an evening bag. So no, I don't, but since I wear my holiday patchwork flats so much, several of the SAs have remembered me by them.
  11. I usually do, but not all the time. I think wearing one helps me resist temptation if I'm not planing on buying anything hehe:girlsigh:
  12. I do

    But... I only carry Coach bags for the most part.

    So I don't TRY to.
  13. I dont make an effort either way. But I did go to an outlet in april carrying my bag I got at christmas and the guy asked me if I got it there since they just got that style in but hadnt seen mine.
  14. :yes:I do. But then again its all I carry:tup:
  15. I always carry Coach bags into the Coach boutiques cuz' I only own Coach bags!! :yahoo: