Do you buy real or fake...?

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  1. Christmas Trees that is :roflmfao:

    I usually get a real one but im getting tired of putting up the lights, watering it, and picking up the needles, so im thinking on getting a fake now. how about you guys?
  2. i always want a real one... but we have a fake one :yucky:
  3. Always used to get a real one before I had a pet, but now that I have a cat, it's a fake white one. I like the fake ones better because you don't have to water them and keep up with them.
  4. Real :nuts: This year we're getting an 8-footer, since our new house has high ceilings. I'm already excited!
  5. I'm not planning on getting one this year... but if i was, then it would be a fake one. They're less maintenance and I don't like bugs ... hehhe
  6. Well since i have a dog, i have to have a fake one. I have one where it comes in 3 pieces and then you assemble it (comes with lights already on it).
  7. fake cause i can reuse it :shame:
  8. awww come on u can put one up :s :sad:
  9. Always a real one. We have huge windows in the front of the house so we put it there so everyone can drive by and see it.
  10. I'm a Northwest gal so we're all about trees, trees, trees and we can drive an hour or less to our choosing of tree farms and cut one for a fraction of the cost in some other parts of the country I'm sure.

    I'll do real this year. I also have a small fake tree I've used in other years when I was travelling and didn't want to worry about a real tree drying out. There's nothing like the scent of a fresh tree in your house!
  11. My family's always done fake. Easier and then we've always had pets.
  12. Same! I feel bad otherwise.:shame:
  13. fake. we bought the small ones last year. we don't have enough space for a big one, moreso a real tree.
  14. We like the real ones, they are fun to shop for & they smell good.:P
  15. I've had both. This year it's going to be fake. The real ones are too much work. More work than I'm willing to put in at this time. I think the next time I have a real one...I'll be married with kids.
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