do you buy one thing at a time or all at once?

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  1. Do you like to buy something one at a time..
    once or twice a season..
    once every blue moon..
    buy a bag and matching accessories..
    buy many a bag and matching accessories!

    what are your buying habits?
  2. Personally for me I may buy something once in a while, but this season has got me wanting to spend all my savings!!
  3. whenver I love something...but I'm cutting back for the sake of my checking account!
  4. I usually buy 1 thing from coach every season. Maybe a wristlet or mini skinny.
  5. All of the also depends who's buying! :graucho:
  6. i would say i buy one or two things a month.
  7. I go to the outlet and grab everything I want there then decide which ones I'm purchasing. :yes:
  8. It's really up to what I like. If I see it and love it, then I buy it. My last buy was the moss bag with the leather cross-stitching in the front. I've yet to take a pic for you all yet.
  9. I go to the outlets and buy a bag once a month. At the boutiques I atleast get one bag a season & a few accessories (mini skinny, keyfob, or scarf). But as soon as spring & summer collection comes around I tend to get more. I love the spring/summer lines!
  10. I get the entire collection at once the bag, wallet, and shoes.
    I get scarves more often, I'm obessed with scarves. I got 2 yesterday.
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