Do you avoid buying bags that your friends already have?

  1. A have a few friends with just one or two LV pieces each.

    Is it in poor taste to buy something that has become "So and So's bag"?

    I feel like I'd be stepping on toes if I added something to my collection that was someone's "signature" bag.
  2. Just buy what you like, just don't carry it at the same time as your friend.
  3. We try not to but lately one of my girl friend bought a bag that was on my wish list! :mad: She got the mono pap 26 so I HAD to get the mono pap 30 then. I let her know about it before hand but she doesn't care if I have a similiar bag, but I'm still going to try not to wear it when she's around since that's the only LV bag she has. :angel:
  4. I buy what I like and if a friend already has it, I'll try not carry it at the same time. In my case, PF member Kyliereese already has a BH and I still want it :P
  5. NEVA!!!:lol:
  6. I got rid of my friends so I don't have this problem.
  7. I agree with pursegalsf and virgo.
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  10. none of my friends carry designer bags, so i'm not worried there!
    people can't help having the same tastes
    it may seem like stepping on the other's toes only if she special ordered her bag and then you went and did the same too
    and because LV has become so popular, so fast, it would be selfish of someone to call, say, a Speedy her 'signature' bag so that her friends can't buy it too, when everyone knows that everyone else has/loves the Speedy
    just as long as you both don't carry it out together, then it should be fine
  11. only one my friends (and her sister) carry LV. Unfortunately, they always buy the same ones I have. Like when I got the framboise Houston, my friend didn't even comment on it but the next time I went to her house about a month later, her sister had a BRAND new one.
  12. I agree with the comments above. I'll buy it anyway but will not carry it in front the same-purse-friend.
  13. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I talked my best friend into buying a Mono Bucket.

    I have mixed feelings about her moving away this week.

    Maybe I'll have to stop by LV on the way home from the airport to cheer myself up with a Bucket.

    :graucho: :graucho: :graucho:

  14. :lol: so your new friends are your bags now? lol, I dont have that problem because im the only person out of my friends that owns a Louis Vuitton,and Coach bags. All my friends are Kathy Van Zeeland bag hoes:biggrin: Even if I got a bag that they had I wouldnt really care..its just a bag,its not like im converting myself to be like that person.

    yay its my 600th post :cool:
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