do you all think what target did is right?

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  1. so, i was about to pay for this bag and the lady already typed in the amount and about to put the bag in the plastic then suddenly she said that this bag is recalled without even saying why and told me she can't sell it to me. here's the bag:
    but it's in chocolate. do you think it's right for her to do that and if its recalled, it's not supposed to be displayed online and in the store, right? after that she called another guy who works there and gave the bag to him and i told her there's another one on display.
  2. Well, if it's recalled it certainly shouldn't be for sale on Target website, but if it really IS a recalled item that is what they do - their computer will flag it as recalled if it makes it up to the register so that they don't inadvertantly sell it. So for a recalled item she followed their procedure.
  3. What??? It sounds crazy, I'd come back immediately at the store and ask for that again. If it's recalled they wouldn't sell it online. If the SA still doesn't want to sell it to you, I'd speak to the manager
  4. Did she say why it was recalled? I'm not sure why you would still want it. Products are recalled because there is something wrong with them. You are lucky they caught it at the register before you bought a defective bag. Now, if she was lying about the recall, that's another matter.
  5. thanks for the input ladies but what's weird is, she typed in the amount and the total is $26.49 (including the tax) then, she is sbout to put it in the bag then all of a sudden she said it's recalled..... weird. i'm happy she warned me but i dunno... they should've not displayed it at the floor in the 1st place if it's recalled
  6. I'd see what happens if you try to buy it on the website, and also check other Target stores in your area, and if one of them has it and will sell it, then get it, and give the clerk the benefit of the doubt. Something flashed up, maybe there was a delay in the flashing of it, but it did, and so she was just doing what they told her to do.

    It is, of course, possible that it was the last one, and she had promised it to old Aunt Mina for her 93rd this Thursday, but if you want it, and you can get it from somewhere, who cares?
  7. If the bag is recalled she actually isn't allowed to sell it to you. For instance, what if you had a child and the child got a loose piece off the bag, put it in its mouth and chocked. You could then sue the corp.

    Given they shouldn't have still been on the shelves but sometimes its difficult to get EVERY store to take recalled merchandise off prior to the store opening for the day. Thats probably why it wasn't caught until you were checking out.
  8. That is what i was thinking. maybe she said that because she wanted to buy it for herself. :hrmm:
  9. ^^^ Yeah but -- working there she probably knows what's in the inventory, and Angel said there was another one on display... I think it probably was recalled, in which case you really don't want it. :yes:
  10. If you follow the Target link, it does say this is available only online - maybe the 'recall' was to get the product off the shelves so it would be available online...? Weird. I can't find anything online about a "recall" for this particular item...
  11. I think the clerk was mistaken for another product. You should go back and get the purse you wanted. When there's a recall, the managers are pretty good about getting those items off the shelves. However, it is possible that those two bags were overlooked or were with the 'go backs' and were placed back on the shelf by an employee that was not informed of the recall... BUT had that bag actually been recalled, it would NOT be for sale online.
  12. This happened to me before but with a toaster oven...I lugged the thing all the way to the register and the lady scanned it and everything and I guess it showed up on the screen as recalled so they just took it away. I can only assume that they do their best to get all recalls off the floor but sometimes they just miss things but the register doesn't.
  13. thank you so much everyone!! =) your inputs are very informative and maybe i'll try to go back today and check out if the purse is still there, if not, well then, hmmm.... i'll feel really sorry coz i like the bag so much!! =) i'll just drop by at tjmaxx instead
  14. Do you have any idea why it was recalled??? That is crazy!! You should boycott target for a little while!!

    good luck!