Do Working Parents Have Time for Fashion?


What kind of shopper are you?

  1. The Online Extravaganza

  2. The Grab ‘n Dash

  3. Operation Lunch Break

  4. The Clothing Diet

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  1. What kind of shopper are you?

    Do Working Parents Have Time for Fashion?
    by Sara Schaefer Muñoz​

    The other day, I bumped into a colleague who commented on a sweater-jacket I was wearing. “You look very mom-ish today,” she said. I wasn’t quite sure how to take that. But it made me realize that in the midst of my busy life, the latest fashions are no longer a priority (if they ever were.)

    Of course, I want to look professional, and at least like my clothes were purchased sometime this decade. But unless you can afford a personal shopper, piecing together ultra-chic outfits on a budget takes a lot of poking around stores and trying on and returning. Working parents just don’t have the spare time, or — at least in my case — don’t want to spend it that way.

    So what to do? I have several approaches for getting myself appropriately attired without hiring a weekend babysitter or spending Saturdays dragging my daughter around a mall.

    The Online Extravaganza: Shopping online is one of the easiest ways to go. But items aren’t always as they appear and sending them back can be a pain.

    The Grab ‘n Dash: This involves dashing into one of two stores where I know my sizes, grabbing things off the rack without trying them on, paying and dashing out again, with my daughter in tow. I’ve gotten so good I can often do this without needing to return anything.

    Operation Lunch Break: Popping into a nearby store during the workday can be convenient, but it’s often hard to get away from my desk and awkward to come back to work with a bulging shopping bag.

    The Clothing Diet: Every now and then, I decide it’s ridiculous to spend any more time or money on clothes and I put myself on a several month-long clothing fast. But what I spend during the re-bound can cancel this out.
  2. I'm not a mom yet... but I barely have the time to dress up (or even shop)since I am taking an awful load this quarter and next to graduate...

    PLUS it's snowing these days, so I just use warm turtleneck sweaters everyday, and bundling up... Snow is bad for fashion... AND I'm in the middle of nowhere...

    So it's the online extravaganza these days... Thank GOD for those geniuses who invented the internet (or online shopping) ;)!
  3. I am a mommy and the one thing I really try hard to do is keep up the way I dress and all else. My fitness has gone by the wayside, but I do try to have cute clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. I do have a few days that I dash out with no make up and awful clothing but I try not to let myself go all the way.
  4. I'm a cross between online shopper and grab-n-dash. Neither approach is ideal, because I *always* end up having to spend extra time returning something from my order.

    Rileygirl -- I think we must be twins. I'm at an OK weight but my physique is now all soft and jiggly. I try to compensate by having current clothes and looking at least somewhat put-together. I'll never be a 20-something hottie again though. Sigh.
  5. I do online extravaganza and operation lunch break. Luckily I have a Saks close enough to run to over lunch!
  6. I just do the online extravaganza - but mainly did that before anyway bec I just don't like paying retail.

    I am a firm believer in doing anything at home (to save time) - so I exercise at home. Obviously not daily but then I didn't do that previously (totally off topic !!)
  7. it's online extravaganza and grab-n-dash for me too.
  8. Definitely on-line, I LOVE online shopping, so easy and convenient, although I think I spend more money than I would if I were physically there!
  9. exactly like me....tho simetimes i do feel that i'm not supposed to spend more time and money on clothes since i'm in the middle of nowhere and nobody is going to appreciate my sense of style....but least it makes me happy....and i know eventually i'll move back to big town

    so for now...its online extravaganza and operation lunch break for me
  10. I definitely have to do the operation lunch break method. Occasionally I realise things are getting dire in the wardrobe department and I just have to pencil some 'me' time in and go shopping on a weekend! The problem with that is that the shops are always ram-packed on the weekend, making it a not very enjoyable experience.
  11. I deifinitely am a cross between the grab and dash and the lunch shopper. Even though my youngest is five, it is impossible to put an outfit together in a store and think clearly about it when he is in tow. Like most working moms, I have to do household stuff on the weekends, and the malls are too crowded anyway. I do love the internet shopping, especially when you need an outfit or dress for a special occasion.