do white bags discolor?

  1. Ok, so I'm in search of the perfect white bag. Thought that I had made a decision. Now, I've had 2 people tell me that white Hermes will eventually discolor, and become a yellow cream color. Is this true? Anyone own one? Thanks for any help.
  2. Yep. Grands Fonds saw a white bag once that was 20 years old, but never used, and kept in its sleeper and box. It still yellowed.
  3. my pale grey Kelly has a bit of a discoloration on the straps but im going to take it in for cleaning. im hoping that will help?
  4. Oh so disappointing, white birkin was on my list.. beautiful bag for summer:s
  5. My yellow birkin got discolored from a navy blazer i was wearing that normal?
  6. I think in general most white bags will discolor. I had white muse bag that was discolored by the orange prints on blouse I was wearing. I tried Apple Guard cleaner and it did remove most of the stain but slight discoloration still can be seen when examined. So after since, I avoid light colored bags, maybe except for toile :smile:
  7. i'd blame the blazer instead of the birkin...does your blazer discolor any of your other bags?

    and that's too bad about the yellowing of the white color...i saw a white swift kelly and it was gorgeous!
  8. ive had my white taurillon birkin since 2003 and yes it does get dirty with a yellow tint.. but nothing major :smile:
  9. I found out something interesting. Apparently, they send the white bags back to France to recondition. There apparently is some special coating that they put on the bags to protect them, that they don't do with other colors.
  10. golden's mom -- Are you supposed to send back for this special coating right away? Or wait until after 'usage', (for some discoloration), before sending back?

  11. I think it's instead of a regular refurbish/spa treatment. At least that is what I gathered. This is what I understood, so if I'm not correct forgive me. I understood that the treatment is something that has to have a special ventilation to apply. I am guessing because of cost factors...building a room with the correct ventilation...that only one facility is able to do this. My SA indicated that the bag has the coating on it when you purchase it.
  12. I just saw this on eBay - for a vintage patent kelly
    You can see the white do discolor over time.
  13. I sure did, and was such a disappointment, I still crave a white bag......but I won't go there.
  14. I turned down a white Berkin 40 yesterday that my SA called me for. My husband was in shock I didn't buy it. The reason I passed (to wait for an Orange 40) is because I am 8 months pregnant and a white handbag and a baby really don't mix. One juice disaster and I would be horrified! I keep asking myself, "when did I become practical?" because it really isn't ike me to NOT buy something!