Do we really need to wait afterall?

  1. Hello ladies...
    Just been thinking... A lot of us who really love Hermes and want to have at least one Birkin are still waiting after years, or have now missed the chance because the waiting list is closed
    But why is it that there are these reseller stores in Tokyo and Ginza, Japan that has walls and walls of Birkins lined up???
    I understand that these are bought by the VIPs, who can by pass the waiting list, then are sent to Japan to be sold for higher prices.
    So... does that mean there is no actual need to wait, all you need is lots of money and a good connection, and that all the waiting is just Hermes' way of making the Birkin so rare and valuable?
    Just my thoughts here... Maybe I should just save up and get one in Japan then having to wait another 2 years.:sad:

    LOIRE BOUTIQUE - ƒƒ[ƒ‹ ƒuƒeƒBƒbƒN _ŒË(ƒGƒ‹ƒƒXAƒVƒƒƒlƒ‹) -
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  6. My thoughts (really, an excuse to avoid writing lesson plans this morning)...

    No one who has spent any amount of time on this forum should believe they have missed their chance to acquire a Birkin because of a closed list. Quite regularly, people have walked into an Hermes boutique and found a Birkin. Hermes markets its products by offering highest quality and lowest quantity in order to keep demand steady while the worst resellers market their products by playing on a buyer's fears. While production may be limited (as it should be), there will always be plenty of bags to go around.

    Now, if your question is a veiled attempt to troll for potential buyers of fake bags, your best bet is to move on.
  7. hermes40, there are people who sell birkins for a living. They make regular trips to Europe to hunt for birkins & buy them, then resell at mark-up. One of our members (who reads Japanese) had read on a blog (of a lady who works in a Japan reseller store) that her Boss travels to Europe for "buying trips".

    It is also true that there are VIPs who get offered birkins & they go thru' a reseller to release the bags. I once emailed a VERY reputable eBay reseller to ask some questions, and in the email reply, it says: "My client got this bag from xxx (country)."
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  10. uh you sound a little frustrated. There's a lot more to the whole experience, though... We have an entire section here on TPF devoted to it, with thousands and thousands of posts!

    We're all here to get educated, about the wonderful journey that is Hermes. Enjoy your trip!
  11. Well stated, angelfish!
  12. Wow, what a picture. It can be frustrating to see a reseller with all those bags.:wtf:
  13. There has always been the reseller route -- stores or eBay -- for those who do not wish to wait. I, for one, have found the "wait" an enjoyable part of the process. I have gotten to know my SAs on a first name basis. And am looking forward to my bag coming in -- after patiently waiting to get to the top of the list. During that time, I have learned so much here about Hermes.
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  15. Why do they always seem to come out at once? The trolls, I mean??