Do We Love Rihanna's New Do ?

  1. No not at all.
  2. LOVE. love love. i adore that she's adventurous with her hair instead of just going for the weaved-out beyonce and tyra hair.
  3. Nope
  4. i think it looks cute on her!
  5. looks like she's channeling Rosie O'donnel to me :tdown:
  6. Ooh, I absolutely love it
  7. I like it. Her make-up is flawless !
  8. I like the idea of covering forehead.
  9. I think the back is okay but not so much of the front. :shrugs:
  10. I loved her last haircut, this one not so much. It reminds me too much of Victoria Beckham's blonde haircut.
  11. She looks very classy and mature!:heart:
  12. I like it. I think she looks cute in these pics.
  13. I saw this on perez hilton earlier and I liked it! The back isn't so hot IMO but the bangs look so good on her!

  14. exactly what I was thinking.:upsidedown: