Do UGGs stretch?

  1. I should know this since I have a few pairs, but I always buy size 8 which ends up being loose after a few months. I just bought a size 7 and my toes are touching the end, right now they don't feel too comfy to walk long distances. I'm just wondering when they stretch out, will they feel better length wise as well? How tight do you buy your Uggs when brand new?
  2. Depends on the model really.
    Old classics tend to fit large, I'm a sz 8 and wear classics in 7, while newer models fit snugly at 8. New models meaning the ones with Poron foot bed and stiffer leather/suede upper. Classics stretch a little over time, new models don't.
  3. ^I bought the classic short in grey. I'm an 8-8.5 in regular boots. In Uggs, I always buy 8, which are great at first but then they get kinda loose and I have to wear socks. I hope the 7's stretch out enough.
  4. The top part will stretch, but no amount of stretching will lengthen the sole. So if your toes are touching a seam or if they are to the end of the sole, the leather on the top will stretch to accomodate your toes, but the bottom cannot. Any discomfort you feel UNDER your toes is probably there to stay; any discomfort you feel on top of your toes can stretch.
  5. well, the discomfort is on the top so hopefully they'll be fine.
  6. YES they do! I have about ten pairs of uggs in size 8 that ive had forever and the are all huge on me now. I recently bought 2 new pairs, gray and brown, in size 7. I was unsure about the snugness, tightness of them and thought if anything theyd stretch widthwise but not lengthwise, but they do. It didnt take long
  7. Yup!
    My first pair were a size 5 and they stretched out too much
    So now I buy kids size 3 and they are so snug at first almost uncomfortable and then after about two weeks they give
  8. Yes they do stretch.
  9. When I went to get a pair of uggs, the sales man told me that they run a size small. I'm a size 9 and I got a size 8. At first I wasn't sure if I was gonna like them, but the guy told me that they have to be snug in the beginning so that they can mold to the shape of your feet.
  10. I was questioning that yesterday: I wear size 5 and not sure what to take. Do you think size 4 in kids will be too big on me? My regular shoe size is 5.
    Would I be very uncomfortable the first 2 weeks? I want to buy Uggs for my trip to Iceland in 3 weeks.
    What should I do? :confused1:
  11. I wear a size 6.5 in regular shoes, a size 5 in womens Uggs and a 4 in kids Uggs. I tried on a size 3 kids and I had a hard time getting my foot in them, once they were on they were a little uncomfortable, but I'm sure they would have stretched. The kids 4 I have are already starting to stretch after wearing them 3x and I'm wishing they were a little smaller now.

    If you are a 5 in womens, then a 3 in kids would probably fit you better than a 4.
  12. wow, the more ppl the more opinions... go figure! :smile:
  13. I am wondering how much the classic uggs stretch and how long it takes? I am a size 8 and occasionally and 8.5 in a normal shoe.
    I have tried on uggs in a 7 and an 8. The 8's feel pretty good...slightly loose maybe in the right foot (smaller foot). The 7's feel good too, slightly snug, and definitely snug on the left toes.
    Had I not read here that they stretch, i would have gotten the 8's, but if the 8's stretched I think they'd be "floppy".
    So should I stick with the 7's? How much do they stretch?
  14. Well since no one answered me, I'll just update for future searchers, or new members looking for advice on this. i wore my Classics today all day for the first time. When i first had them on they were really snug, like they almost made my toes tingle from being so snug. A few hours later they were perfect. I took them off for a while in the evening, and when i went to go put them back on, I noticed the shearling where my toes go was either gone or flattened out. It felt weird at first to put them back on because they where bald where my toes where but all furry and bunchy between my toes. BUT they fit without the snugness from when I first got them.
  15. I have worn my uggs for a few days now, and I can see why someone might order two sizes down. I should say that I've been wearing them with socks (I'm allergic to some wools (ones with or treated with lanolin)). This morning it was so cold in my house I just put them on barefooted (crossing my fingers on the allergic part) and they were rather lose. So normally I wera a size 8 in sockless shoes or an 8.5 in shoes with a sock (like other boots or tennis shoes). I got the classic tall in a 7, and it was tight at first (with socks) but wore in in one day to a perfect fit with socks. However had I intended on wearing these without socks, i can see the point of going down two sizes possible. I hope this all helps someone else!