Do UGGs stretch?

  1. I'm wanting to get a pair of chocolate or black UGGs for work this winter. I tried them on today and the 8 fit, but if I wanted to wear socks (for snowy weather), I would need to go with the 9. What I want to know is, do they stretch? I really don't want to wear a boot that flops up and down when I don't wear socks with them.
  2. My sisters and my mom each have a pair of Uggs and they said they don't stretch.

    Uggs usually run big though. You might just want to go with the 9 if it's a better fit.
  3. I dont know if this makes sense but they dont stretch but they seem to get looser... in my experience at least. The actual shoe doesnt stretch but the inside is really fluffy and cushiony when you get them new but with wear..... it flattens a bit and becomes not as fluffy. When I purchased mine... it was a TIGHT fit. But they didnt have the next size up so I settled. Now, it fits nicely with a bit of extra room.
  4. The thing is, is that the 9 flops up and down but the 8, my toe reaches the end and wouldn't be comfortable with socks. Maybe UGG's aren't meant for my feet.
  5. Mine were exactly like that, toe at the end, but after a bit of wear they fit perfectly - the bigger size would have been floppy.
  6. totally agree. I am a 9/9.5. And I have size 8 uggs.
  7. It's exactly like what melikemochi said! I wouldn't get the one that's already too big for you. The leather itself doesn't stretch, but the "fluff" inside becomes less "fluffy" with wear so you actually end up getting more room.

    One that is "Just Right" new will become "just right with a bit of room" very soon!
  8. stretch..just less fluffy losens them. BUT...even in the coldest of DON'T need socks! In fact...I've done both ways...and I'm warmer and more comfortable without them.
  9. I have a pair of Uggs, I'm normally a 6.5 or 7 and I sized down to a 5. The sales associates will tell you to size down depending on which pair you get.
  10. I guess I'll go for the 8. Now to decide which color....chocolate or black? LOL
  11. The SA I had said, "an 8? or a 9?!?!?!" Like I had HUGE monster feet or something :Push:
  12. sorry to hijack but my mom bought a pair for me on monster sale (less than $30!!) and there was a mad rush for them so she got me an 8--I wear a 7.5 so do you think this will be a problem? would socks or tights or something make this better? I know Uggs are meant to be worn barefoot...:shrugs:
  13. I think 8 will be ok. I wear mine with socks because I know my feet sweat... not to gross anyone out.. and i like to keep them in tip top condition so I wear socks so the sweat does not get directly onto the nice fluffy clean inside.
  14. I'm ussually a 6.5 and i wear a 6 in uggs.
  15. That's terrible! I think the average woman is a size 7 or 8, so it's not gigantic at all! My mom wears 10; hell, Paris Hilton wears 11's! Even my grandmother, who is rather petite, wears an 8.