Do twillys ever get counterfeited??

  1. I was wondering if twillys ever get counterfeited....esp. the red berries design I am interested in. I am looking at some on eBay and don't want to get duped! TIA :heart:
  2. Apparently so ....
  3. They do?? OMG...what will they think of next?!?! URGH...mrssparkles, do you mind PMing me on what to look for please?

    ps: oops...sorry mods, I meant to post this on the Shopping sub-forum. Please feel free to move this thread...thanks!
  4. Yes, I've ever come across a few fake Twillys on eBay. The most counterfeited one is the Bolduc design :throwup:.
  5. MsFash - you can still get red berries on I think and in a few stores depending on the colorway you want :smile: