Do they smell???

  1. I just got a signature carly for my friend. It had a weird odor. DO they spray them with something? THis is my 1st experience with buying a signature bag. I am just wondering since i just ordered one for me too.
  2. Hmmm...I have never noticed a smell and I own mostly sig stuff.
  3. My new signature Carly doesn't smell.
  4. I only have signature (except 2 older leather bags) and they dont smell either....maybe you should try to exchange it at your boutique, or call Coach directly...could it be it was sitting next to or under something that smelled in the FedEx truck that transferred to the handbag? Good luck!
  5. She already put her stuff in it, and took the tags off. She says it doesn't bother her, she is just happy to get her 1st Coach! I am starting to think it was a return?? It kinda smells like warehouse/old persons house! LOL
  6. Has she USED it yet? B/c if she hasnt she could bring it back w/ you and the reciept/tags, etc, and tell them the smell is offensive and she will get a new one....actually....even if she HAS used it for a day, and it smells, I would bring it back anyway....for the money you spent on that bag, it should smell NEW!
  7. I will let her know. Thanks Girls!