Do these shoes match a jaune bag?

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  1. Thanks to BABYBLUE I borrowed the picture of your wonderful jaune twiggy!
    yellow MJ.jpg BALjaune3.JPG
  2. poo sadly the shoes are too yellow! : (
  3. no.....I would wear black pumps with the twiggy!!!!!
  4. I think grey would look fab with jaune. I ordered a jaune small size compagnon and was scheming to get this luscious grey box to match ... missed the box ... so till then ... erm ... I've got some slate grey t bar heels I could hold it next to??? Shame about those Camparis!
  5. I think they would match better with the original marigold. I think they might clash a little with jaune because of the orange tones in jaune.
  6. I agree ... it's not a great match. Kymara has got a good idea -- grey would be gorgy.
  7. I also agree that they don't match. And I don't feel like you should wear yellow shoes and a yellow bag. Then bag loses some of its pop appeal. I think black or gray pumps would look positively sizzlin'!
  8. yah i agree, grey sounds gorgeous with yellow! like a slate color
  9. I love the grey idea too. Or maybe navy, depending on the rest of the outfit. Yellow and blue are always a pretty combination.
  10. That orangey shade of Jaune would go with a lot of colors: gray, navy blue, pink and a lot of pastels also:yes:

    Those Mary Janes aren't a great match, they both have different undertones and the brightness of those two colors are totally different.
  11. wear black to pop Jaune!
  12. the bag is too bright to wear bright shoes, it will look like you're trying too hard. definitely a black, dark grey, or even dark brown, but not a primary color.
  13. the shoes are nice! but probably not a match with jaune...

    i echo kymara's and kimberf's suggestions. or do you have brown-black shoes instead?
  14. I agree, they don't match =). But I think neutral shoes with a "pop" color like yellow is your best bet.
  15. Don't match your shoes to your bag, generally it's too much, especially with a bold colour! (obvioulsy neutrals are exceptions).

    Not a match!