Do the SHINE leathers break in ?

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  1. I'm interested in buying the grape shine wallet but I was wondering how they break in? I had a previous tano that was a shine like leather and it broke in looking really dull in places which I did not like personally. Are the HH shine leathers similar to that? Is it a patent leather??
  2. The shine leathers are not a patent. From what I can tell they just have a sheen to them. I know Carlie and Mango have bags in the grape shine so they can tell you more. They got samples so I am not sure if the real bags will be the same. The rest of us are waiting on the fall bags to ship.
  3. vanillabean, check out the "Care" thread (do a search on "shine") to see if Stormy has articulated the difference. I wouldn't say it's a patent; it's more of a glazed leather. The problem is that most of the early samples (the only ones in circulation right now) were flawed and have had huge flaking problems. HH has assured those people who have the sample bags (Mango and Carlie, e.g.) that the production line leathers will not have the peeling problems. I have two shine samples in Celina cuffs (Yam and Grape) and the Grape shine has similar peeling issues as the two GS bags we've seen. And I'd say even if the new leathers have had the problem mostly fixed, we're talking about a thick, chewy leather that's pre-broken in (wrinkled, smooshy). My guess is that eventually they'll all peel or wear like you're talking about at corners and other stress points.

    ETA: I'm still getting a Grape Shine Havana, though. I don't mind the broken-in look and don't want something stiff like a traditional patent... but I definitely expect wear!