Do stores carry past colors?

  1. If I am looking for an 05 Teal First, would NM perhaps carry it or since it is from a couple years ago will I have to seek out a private seller? Thanks, new to this.
  2. Cheekers, it is really difficult to find past colors at department stores because they usually try to clear out their merchandise by the end of the season, either by putting them on sale (in which case, the popular colors are usually not included) or by sending them to outlets like Bluefly, DSW, Filene's Basement, Barneys outlets and Duty Free Apparel.

    Your best bet to find the teal is:
    - The above outlets (though it's tough, as B-bags usually sell quickly)
    - eBay - (your best option, IMO)
    - Consignment stores

    Hope this helps! :smile:
  3. That's what I was afraid of, OK, thanks. I am going to check out NM regarding the First vs City and make sure of size, and then search for my 05 Teal.
  4. Hey, u have to check back to eBay where this is the only place u can find older bbags as stores won't carry past seasons, once the season is over, they will start carryin new seasons....otherwise, u have to try MP (market plaza) only for approved members....cheers