Do simple black dresses go with a skinny belt??? [pics]

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  1. Hey girls! I own a simple black dress (first attachment) and was wondering if a skinny belt would go with the dress? Sorry the picture is dark, but it's a one shouldered chiffon dress with asymmetrical hem that hits around my knees. I'm 5'4" and pretty skinny if that helps. I really like the skinny belt (second attachment) with the black dress, but I don't know if I can pull it off with my dress:shrugs:

    Any other ideas on how to accessorize the dress (doesn't have to be a belt) would be appreciated as well! Thanks so much!

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  2. yes i think it would go!
  3. Under most circumstances I would definitely say the belt would go with a LBD, but with the asymmetrical shoulders I'm not sure. I just wonder if the shoulder look would compete for attention with the belt and confuse the look. Do you have a picture of the dress in question with the belt?

    I would play up the interesting shoulders of your dress by letting it stand alone - add great shoes and earrings, but no necklace or belt. A dress with a featured area of interest like that really needs to stand alone, IMO.
  4. I can't really tell by your pic... can you post another one?
  5. Yes, that's what I wasn't sure of either.

    No I don't... I'm getting advice from you gals before deciding if I should take the plunge and buy the belt:smile:
  6. Unfortunately that's the best picture I have. The dress isn't really figure-hugging and since I have no curves, I think it sort of just hangs on me. Hence the belt question b/c it would give the dress some shape?
  7. i think it will work...maybe if you put the belt so the top is still kinda volumy and 'balloony'? i hope that makes you put on the belt and then pull some fabric over the belt...

    im thinking, if it worked for Greek people back in the day with their togas, or whatever they are called, i dont see why it wont work with this dress =D similar idea