Do Sale Shoes.....

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  1. .....come with their box? Or are they taken out and just sold by themselves? I'm eyeing a pair of shoes on Bluefly and am wondering if they would come in the original box. Thanks!
  2. I don't know, as Hermes boutiques don't really have "sales" (as far as I know, apart from that one in Paris) Anddd, its Bluefly thats selling them, I suggest you contact them :biggrin:
  3. ^^Hermes Boutiques in fact do have yearly sales and yes they come with the boxes. As far as BlueFly I don't know but I cant see how they can ship a pair of shoes without a box. Hope this helps
  4. when are these sales and what typically goes on sale? thanks
  5. I bought 2 pairs from Bluefly, and each pair came in the original Hermes box and with their sleepers.
  6. ^annie: the sale times really depends on your location. I was very lucky this year to have been to 2 Hermes sales. One in London (June period) and one in Melbourne (around September period). What goes on sale is usually the canvas bags, RTW, shoes, and a few other trinkets here and there. That said, there was a Victoria leather bag on sale in Melbourne.
  7. Yes, the Bluefly shoes come with the original box, as do the scarves, etc. when you buy them there. Not sure about "big bags" like the occasional travel Birkin or HAC they have.
    If they did not have the original box, of course they could and would ship the shoes in a shoebox-size mailer (just like eBay sellers do)--but they do have the box in my experience.

    At the sale, I do think they come with the box as well. At least, mine did.
  8. i can't believe victoria went on sale. i hate when something i bought for full price goes on sale. does it mean anything that something like a leather bag goes on sale? does it mean it didn't do well?
  9. [vogue]- by the way which victoria went on sale? maybe it wasn't mine.
  10. Vogue.. Any idea if there will be any boxing day sales in Sydney??

    When you said canvas bags, did u mean the Garden party as well??