Do prices of previous season bags adjust?

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  1. Do previous season classic bags have their prices adjusted to current pricing? I know I have seen posts where members bought bags at lower prices due to the bags having their original tags after a price increase. I am looking into purchasing a bag from a boutique from 2 years ago, so would an original tag give me the original price? any help appreciated!
  2. Usually they will update the price on the bags. All brands do this, from Chanel to Fendi to Dior and Hermes.
  3. Unless there is an increase before they find your bag, you are getting it for the price you would have paid then. Prices last increased February 2012. The bag you want came out that fall.
  4. Oops, thanks! I thought I had read that it was $4900 in the fall but must have looked at jumbo pricing. Good info to know anyway!!
  5. I am keen to get a jumbo too!