do pochettes come with dustbags?

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  1. for those of you who have purchased pochettes from lv before, do they come with dustbags? i'm planning to buy the azur pochette this weekend and wanted to make sure i have everything i ought to get (:

  2. yes, everything comes with a dust bag if you just ask. usually the pochette comes with one though.
  3. I have a dust bag for my pochette - the SA brought me a new one out from the back and showed it to me, then placed it in the dust bag and in the box. :yes:
  4. You always get an dustbag! sometimes they forget it so watch out!
  5. Yep :smile: Ditto to everything already posted.
  6. yes, I got one too.
  7. Yup, I got one, too. Mine was gigantor, though. I could fit 2 or 3 pochettes in mine. lol.:P
  8. Yes, everything comes with a dust bag.
  9. There might have been a time where I only got the little box but otherwise, yes, they all come with them. Not a big deal to me because I hang my pochettes on my wall anyway hehe.
  10. All my pochette came with dust bag, not my perfo cles though
  11. All my pochettes came with dustbags some wallets and none of my cles...:flowers:
  12. Yes, pochettes should come with dustbags.. in case you don't get one.. ask for one!
  13. Oh yes.. don't forget to post pics when you buy it. Hehe
  14. thanks everyone for responding!!!! (: i can't wait to get the pochette!
  15. yes they do, and if they dont...dont hesitate to ask for one. you're paying for it ultimately:yes: