Do people notice/comment on your Chanel?

  1. I'm just curious?
    It can be your purse, shoes, jewelry, etc . . . but does anyone seem to notice?

    I've never had anyone comment to me or even seem to notice.
    I don't care, I LOVE carrying them.:yes:
    But I notice other people's bags and surely I'm not the only one in my little corner of the world that observes. . . .:shrugs:
    I always comment if someone is carrying I bag I like.
  2. I get comment all the time for my bags, shoes, clothes, etc. They ask me questions like where I got the specific items, and how much and so on and on..... I got really obsessed with Christian Louboutin shoes for a while, and every time I wear a pair, I get stopped by someone.
  3. Not really. Sometimes I'll get an occasional general compliment.

    My father said he could have stitched my cambon himself and saved me my 1400 dollars.
  4. ^LOL! Dad's always have a way w/ words don't they!?
  5. I haven't carried my one Chanel yet but I had a show-n-tell of my bag collection with my best friend yesterday and saved Chanel for what I thought was the best for last - and after all the oooohs and aaaahs I received, she just kinda looked like 'huh?' :shrugs: I realize the classic lines are not going to capture hearts on first glance, but it's how I feel about it that counts. :girlsigh:
  6. hmm not so much...since most the population isn't familar with Chanel...with LV i notice more comments
  7. I always seem to get compliments when I've got my Chanel on. Not as much, as to when I'm wearing an LV, Prada or other designer. But always a given when wearing the Chanel! :supacool:
  8. I was in Nordies today admiring the Marc Jacob bags and this lady next to me was staring at my lovely Chanel Flap Bag and she turned to her daughter and said we should have gone to Chanel at South Coast shopping today. ROCK ON
    I don't need to be told I have a knock out bag! Because everyones thinking it, I hear it. lol
  9. I've gotten a couple of comments from strangers--compliments from a couple of women while I was out shopping and a male barista at Starbucks said something like, "Wow, Chanel."

    My coworkers have complimented me on my bag, but I work in fashion, so it's to be expected. :yes:
  10. Out of all of my bags, its the only one I ever get compliments on. Alot actually.
  11. Nope, not a one. I think if I ventured into Boston more often things might be different. But in my own little world outside of the city, no one notices or cares...
  12. Same here ... no one ever comments on my other designer bags (except the spy) but they always seem to notice my Chanel bags.
  13. I went to the Hermes sample sale in NYC on Sat. We had to surrender our bags before we were allowed in. I had my black 226 reissue with me and the lady who took by bag for safekeeping pointed to my bag and told all her Hermes pals that 'this is the bag I am lusting for'!!! LOL
  14. I get comments when I go to Chicago but not here in the suburbs of Milwaukee. I know a few people have noticed but keep it to themselves.

    I have a ton of Chanel shoes and I don't think a soul here knows (not even my good friends).

    Believe me, there is a lot of old money here in Wisconsin but people are very frugal and not showy at all. Having said that, there are some suburbs here that are very showy but tend to be new money.
  15. I did on the first day I wore it to work! People say they want to raid my closet because I'm always switching bags. :yahoo: But most other times people just stare instead of outright comment ;)