Do people/ is it okay to wear knee high boots in So Cal?

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  1. Hi ladies,
    REally appreciate it if you could let me;s my first winter in SD, and while I wore knee high leather boots in London whilst studying, not sure if its too much for So Cal? sometmes it does get pretty cold u know despite the sun and the sea theme happening here.:shrugs: TIA!
  2. Born and raised in SoCal and I do all the time. Mostly in cooler weather though.
  3. Yes - I did for the entire time I lived there.
  4. cool! thanks!:love:
  5. I think it is OK, as I see women wearing them all of the time.
    SoCal doesn't get quite cold enough for me, though.
  6. By all means. I live in So Cal and have the quite a few pair of stiletto knee high boots (mostly lace up) that I wear all the time with skirts, jeans or pants. The weatther here definitely gets cool enough for them in jan and feb.

  7. I used to live in the east coast so I have many pairs of knee high boots. Since then, I 've moved to Socal and it NeVER gets cold enough to wear them. This week, temp has been in the mid 80's.
  8. i live in so cal and wear them on cooler days when the temp is around 60degrees.
  9. i live in los angeles and i wear my knee high boots when it's chilly/windy outside.
  10. thanks everyone!...I bought a pair of knee boots from Nine West on black friday to start myself off..I love them! I think I will invest in another pair soon (probably a brown pair) cause I do like the look...
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