DO NOT CALL BALNY to pre-order - just yet!!

  1. OOOh, those SA's are so annoyed. I called to ask when I can preorder for Fall and the Sa said July. She said that they have not even purchased the collection yet and that she has received WAAAAAY too many phone calls about violet and juine. Sorry. My SA @ NM said that she has not even seen a color sheet for F/W yet. Bummer, I guess I freaked out a little about violet. It's so hard not to get really excited about new colors. In my defense I have strep throat and a fever which probably adds to my insanity!:shame:
  2. Did you call NM for preorder, or BalNY??
  3. LOL I can imagine how swamped they are, and they don't even have any info about the new colors yet...
  4. I called both of course and NM in San Diego and Houston!! No preorders until July from Balny. None of the NM had any idea when we can preorder! BTW love that vert d'eau misspiggy!
  5. Whoa! Thanks for the heads up!!!! I'll wait a week or two!! ;)
  6. I inquired with HGbags about the yellow. I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I shared her response, as it might help everyone step back and relax:

    "I found out the new colors are only going to be in a few styles as they are for the Fall 07 Fashion Show. I could only order it in the new style called the Step."

    Well, we'll see what happens but it might be best to rein in the enthusiasm a bit.
  7. Thanks for letting us know.
  8. LOL! Well, at least we have four more months to save up before we even get on the list! Wow, we forget how powerful this forum is...and how many viewers/ members really do depend on this source for info about their purses!
  9. Thanks for the heads up...i was going to call Kim tomorrow! I'll wait a month...
  10. Oh my!! This forum is powerful!! Ladies, please please please don't call Bal NY until they say they can start taking the pre-orders. I don't want to get my SA into trouble if the general public was not supposed to know the new colors yet. I am so glad though that everyone is so excited!:yahoo:Now if we could get a pink, we'd be all set!!!
  11. I know that all of us bal lovers can be obsessive - and probably drive SAs a bit crazy - so maybe we should wait. But hopefully the demand will demonstrate the desire for some of these colors!!!!
  12. So I've seen the pic of the "step" but does anyone have more details?

    This should at least give the SA's or Bal a head's up that we want these two colors in excess lol.
  13. i'm sure they all think we are totally nuts for pre ordering already.
  14. ^^^ Possibly... but they probably thought we were all nuts long long before this! LOL! This just amplified it! ;)
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Sometimes, the sa's over at balNY must be like this after a long long day of picking out all these bbags according to all of the numerous conditions we give them! : :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric: !

    But yes, let's NOT get hgbags in trouble w/her sa...Balny seems to be good at letting their clients know when they first start taking preorders...and at tPF, we are always one of the first to find out from a member or let's be patient...and before we know it summer will be here and we will hopefully have replenished our bbag funds...and we can order or get on the waitlist then!