Do new MJ bags always come with a dustbag?

  1. Hi Everyone -

    I just won an EBay auction for a NWT Guinevere that I have every reason to believe is authentic. I received tons of extra pics from the seller before I bid...However, when she e-mailed me to confirm the bag had been sent she mentioned that the bag had no dustbag because she didn't get one when she purchased the bag at Neiman Marcus.

    Has anyone ever heard of this, and should I be overly concerned? The bag comes tomorrow and I will post the photos of the actual bag to make sure it's the real thing.

  2. All my MJ bags come with dustbags.
    My local Bloomingdale's often removes (and sets aside) the dustbags (of handbags/wallets) and the stuffings (from wallets). SAs would place the items in their appropriate dustbags when their clients purchase the items. Sometimes, customers have to remind the SAs for the dustbags/stuffings.
  3. I received a NM DUSTBAG...IN PLACE of the designer dustbag happens...eek..
  4. if a bag is on sale it may not come with a dustbag unless you bought it from the MJ boutique
  5. Agreed, I've heard sometimes during sales there are never enough dustbags.
  6. :nuts: During the last sale at Neimans, the SA couldn't find any MJ dustbags, and offered Neimans dustbags instead.:nuts:
  7. Wow! This is all good to know. I am learning little by little and I feel a bit more at ease now.

    Thank you ALL so much!
  8. MissusB, wait until you get the bag. =)
    Fakes come with tags and dustbag nowadays. Getting an authentic bag without those is better. =)
  9. I purchased an authentic bag a few months ago on ebay. The seller bought it at Saks during a sale. Her SA had to give her Rafe dustbag b/c she said that alot of times, they will run out of the dustbags.
  10. I think sometimes they forget or the person who owns it puts it on another bag. I don't think it's indicative of a fake, but if you don't get a good vibe.....