Do LV still make the Malesherbes?

  1. I bought one years ago in the Mandarin Epi Leather, but I was just curious to know if LV still make them, and in what colours? :smile:
  2. I think it's discontinued now...?

    I could be wrong. I'm not sure what colors the Malesherbes came in, but I know it's been in black. :sweatdrop:

    There's also a monogram and damier version.
  3. im pretty sure its discontinued, ive never seen one irl. just pics..
  4. Thanks guys! I was hoping to get one in the red epi, as I never use my mandarin one.

    But was unsure if they made it in red, or even if it was still available.
  5. Just give your local boutique a call. I am sure they may still be able to locate one for you despite it being discontinued. :yes:
  6. i think it's been discontinued for quite a while now. i've seen it in black, green and blue, and the Monogram and Damier. you can ask let-trade to locate one for you; i've seen some on their website before :yes:
  7. I bought the black one two years ago for my 21st! Must have been discontinued after that.

    Have seen green and yellow and blue ...
  8. what was the retail for the epi malesherbes? thanks!
  9. I think it's still available as a Special Order in ostrich or croc......