Do LV bags / SLG need reglazing often?

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  1. Just curious how many times anyone has reglazed their pieces. If so did this help the life of your piece? How costly was it? Thanks!
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  3. Good question!
  4. I had to have a wallet reglazed twice, but it was faulty (not that LV ever acknowledged that, but I eventually was able to return it and buy something else) and I've had my large ring agenda reglazed. I bought it pre-loved, it's about ten years old and it cost £60 to reglaze the full piece. It really made it look brand new.

    I've never had anything else reglazed. I have been using my Zippy Compact Wallet every day for three years and it still doesn't need reglazing. I don't think it's something that necessarily needs doing a lot, but do keep an eye - because if the glazing wears off completely and the canvas cracks, they won't be able to do anything for you.
  5. Pardon my ignorance but what is reglazing?
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  6. The finish on the edging . I've had a Utah coin wallet since 2005 and used it everyday since , only a tiny bit of cracking on the glazing after all those years of daily use
  7. Thanks, dear, for the info!

  8. Thank you. I have a leather smith that deals with high end and he actually told me to apply another coat of glaze to my items as soon as I can to protect them instead of waiting for them to wear off and the canvas scratching. So I was curious about this. I usually deal with leather pieces and the ones I deal with just need conditioning. Thanks for the help!

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  9. No problem! I'd be wary about doing that myself, though! If LV detect that you've done something to it yourself, or had someone else work on it, they won't touch it should you need their repair services in the future. Just FYI!
  10. Thanks, yeah I kinda figured that too, but this guy is really good... I know they usually send it out as well to leather smiths they deal with I figured I was right there so why not? It certainly won't hurt it! LOL.
  11. My DE Zippy Compact Wallet is in for a repair right now, actually, although they said they don't know if they can fix it. The glazing wore completely off on the two zipper ends, and you could see the canvas/leather separating. I'd had it 11 months when I noticed that and sent it in.

    I sent in a Mono 4-key holder at the same time, with the same problem. It was older, and they quoted me $79 CDN to re-glaze it.

  12. Wow. That is a lot. It's interesting. My leather smith charged me 10 for my mini Pochette. 15 for my Pochette and 25 for my friends Delightful MM to glaze. Usually I get it back the next day or two. Only once I had to wait an extra day because he does all his glazing at once.

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  13. Hi, what exactly are they doing when re-glazing? Is this something that is done to the canvas or the Vachetta?
  14. Glazing is the shiny or matt material applied to the edges of some parts. You see the red glaze on the vachetta handles for example. You also see dark/black glaze applied to the edge of some bags and wallets in Monogram. The glaze is used to seal and protect an edge created with two or more layers coming together. When you send your item for reglazing, the edges that need to be re-done are stripped and reglazed (either by hand or with the help of a turning wheel.
    Not every bag or wallet has glazing.
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