Do Kids Need Cell Phones ?

  1. I'm sure this could depend on individual children & ages and his /her circumstances

    With ring tones, games, and cool looking phones, your kids have probably already asked you for a cell phone. Having a cell phone to use in an emergency is probably the only good reason to get a child one.

    Do your kids really 'need' a cell phone though?
  2. That depends on their age. How old are we talking?
  3. I think they do. I got my first cell phone when I was 11 or 12 I believe. I think it's good to have in emergencies, b/c you never know what can happen, and you'll always have a way of keeping in touch with your children. I think it's also good for their social habits by being able to be in touch with their friends, they feel more independent with a cell phone, which helps for later life. As long as they are responsible, yes, I think it's great.
  4. Our little girl has just got her first phone. She is 11 and has just started "big" school. She texts me at lunchtime, which is sooo lovely, and she calls to tell us whether she is staying behind to do prep, or if she wants picking up on time. Interestingly, we gave it to her at the start of the summer holidays, before she started school, and topped it up with 10 pounds worth of credit, at the end of the holidays she had 9 pounds 32 pence left!! Kids do not need these phones to chat really, its more for peace of mind, and there is nothing wrong with that :smile:
  5. I have a 6 yr old brother...I am surely to consider to get him a cell phone when he's in about 5th or 6th grade. It would just make things easier!
  6. I would of never thought that it would be a necessity..but it really is...

    My son has the sidekick and he keeps in touch with his friends and me through instant messaging even if the phone signal is off...its another way to help be in contact with the kids...

    I think that it is great...
  7. I don't have kids, but I would say in today's world I would want a child to be able to contact his parents at anytime and vice versa. I don't think it matters how "cool" the phone is.
  8. I never had one when I was young, because they were still new to the world when I was in school. However, if I were to raise a child, they would have a cell phone, at least by the time they're in middle school.

    That's about the time kids start going out with their friends, sometimes without asking. So give them one, with unlimited minutes/text messaging and let them have at it. You pay their bills so you know who they're calling and when. Tell them that if you call them they better answer or they'll be grounded, and that way you can always find out where they are if you're worried.

    Plus, it's a layer of protection if they get lost/kidnapped, or if something happens in school.

    Some phones (i think sprint/tmobile) have a gps locator built in, and you could sneak a program in on the sly that lets you look at the gps coordinates of the phone from the providor's website. I've never done it, but I heard about it on NPR. Then you'd really know where your kid is and they wouldn't know unless you let on about it.

    I'm not a parent, so this is all theory on my behalf about what I would do. ;)
  9. My first instinct is no (I don't have any kids so I am speaking in the future). Anyone that is in elementary/junior high school shouldn't be someplace where I don't know. I can't imagining just letting him/her go where they please and then calling me to let me know where they are. LOL

    When they turn 16 and start driving then maybe, but with SO MANY people getting into accidents because of talking on a cell phone, I'm still unsure. I may get them one of those phone that only stores like 4 numbers that can really ony be used in case of an emergency or to call one of those pre-programmed numbers.

    I have a friend who has a 6 year old with a Razor. :wtf: I'm sorry yall, but a 6 year old? What does he need it for - to tell his mom that kindergarden is runnin late?lol
  10. Yes. Definitely. I plan to get one for my daughters when they turn.. oh let's say around 13 or so. (That's still a 'kid' to me.) It's a safety issue. It will be in MY name, and if they rack up charges that I didn't authorize, well we'll work out a plan to pay those off. I want to be able to contact them at any time, and vise versa.

    Plus - I heard about some pervert, can't remember where or what exactly he was doing in the subway system or something (sketchy details, I know) anyway, this guy was caught because so many women/girls had taken his photo with their camera phones!! Perhpas someone recalls the deets on this better than me. All the more reason to carry a cell/camera/phone if you ask me.
  11. Due to the fact that I haven't seen a pay phone in years, I would say yes. Not for chatting too much with friends but to keep in touch with family. I got a huge dinosaur phone when I turned 16 (I'm now 27) and it helped because I had a 30 mile drive home and if my car broke down I could call for help.
  12. YES! My kids are 13 and 10, they both have one that they use when they leave the house. Reason, when i want them home i sont want to go chasing them /yelling for them to come home. I just call the phone, its so much easier. It seems when they tell me they are going to so and so's house then end up leaving nd going to play else where and i cant find them, not an issue anymore :smile:

    Plus if i'm going to run to the store and they're out i can all them and tell them i'm just running to the market/store and will be right back. If they run into trouble then can call home :smile:. It just makes me feel better when they leave the house.

    We have a family plan so its not really a big deal, i have blocked long distance from their phones so no worries about that, and they only get them when they go out or i leave the house and they stay home. Reason is our house phone is forwarded to my cell so that no matter where i am i wont miss a call.
  13. I agree.
  14. My 10 yr old has one. She takes it with her to cheerleading practice. I am usually there with her but if I have to run a quick errand she can always get in touch with me. I am starting to have her keep it on her at all times.
  15. I'm a teacher and I've had students in the Third and Fourth grade where they all had cell phones of their own! has changed...I got my first cell phone when I entered college! (pretty much the size of Zack Morris' phone) :lol: