Do I need Signature Confirmation for item Sold???

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  1. Hello All!

    I had a quick question and I do apologize in advance if this was posted before but no matches came up when I searched.
    I sold an item (designer wallet) for $155.00 + 6.00 shipping.
    I have included Delivery Confirmation and Insurance for the item.
    Do I need to add Signature Confirmation to this or anything else?
    I just want to make sure Im covered through paypal incase something goes sour.

    Thanks in Advance! ;)
  2. Signature confirmation is only required for items $250+. Under that, delivery confirmation is suffcient (and the insurance is a good idea at any price since it protects you as the seller).
  3. Amour- Thank you very much for the info. I will read up on that now.:smile:

    Sara_g - Thank you! I thought that DL and Ins. were good enough but I wanted to be 100%. :smile:
  4. Anytime!;)
  5. Be super sure anything $250 and over has signature confirmation in addition to the insurance. Even the post office will erroneously tell you that the insurance signature will suffice. NOT TRUE: Paypal requires proof of signature confirmation delivery before they will cover you, in case of any problem with delivery or chargeback or anything going wrong.

  6. mmmsc- Thanks for the input, I will double check on that and probably end up getting all the insurances and confirmations possible! :P
    I would rather be safe than sorry anyways.
  7. Just to clarify: UNDER $250 regular confirmation is OK. $250 and over signature confirmation is needed.
  8. If I start selling again, I'll probably get Sig Conf anyway, as an extra notch for those that live in apt's or places where packages just get left at the door, so I don't have someone claiming it wasn't received because it was left in a common way area.
  9. i alway get sig conf for EVERYTHING sold
  10. Not a bad idea in this crazy selling situation we find ourselves in.....
  11. ITA:yes: I get SC on everything
  12. If I get signature confirmation do I still need to get delivery conf. too or is it one or the other? :confused1: Sorry if this is a dumb a question but I have never done sig.confirmation. Thank you!
  13. Signature delivery conf. IS delivery confirmation, but it is more expensive and a signature will be required by the person it is addressed to. You don't need both.
    Under $250 you get delivery conf; $250 and over, you need signature conf.
    This is in addition to insurance. Even if the post office tells you the insurance signature is all you'll need to be covered, that is not true for Paypal.
  14. My thoughts exactly!!!