Do Guess purses sell well on ebay??

Feb 2, 2009
Since I don't have anymore *designer* purses I'm willing to give up, I've been thinking of parting with an old Guess purse I bought on impulse a few years ago. Do Guess purses sell well? Are they in high demand??

It's a very small purse. I bought it for like, $30 from Ross a few years ago. The "suggested retail" price was around $58.00 I wanna say? I really don't remember. What would be a good starting bid, if I decide to list it??
Feb 2, 2009
What kind of car are you trying to buy?:biggrin:
at this point, ANY car. But I have alot of saving to do. :P

I really want an Acura RSX right now. That's my first choice.

My other choices are either a Honda Civic or an Accord. Can't go wrong with those Japanese cars! haha supposedly they can run FOREVER. :biggrin:
Feb 2, 2009
Or maybe one Starbucks and a candy bar :graucho:

Coffee has gotten so expensive :P
True true. I ordered coffee this morning, and it was like a $4 cup of coffee!! That's what I get for ordering a fancy drink. :P

But tea, regular coffee, or iced coffee is like $2-$3 for the venti size. Pretty reasonable. It's the lattes and frappuccinos that kill ya on the price. haha I work at Starbucks... so I know waayy too much about the drinks. Comes in handy though when it comes to ordering mine though! :biggrin:


May 17, 2009
Denver, CO
Ok, now I am going to have to go out and find me a Starbucks. I LOVE their black tea, shaken, venti.

Yep, sorry to say $10 is about it. People are trying to get things as cheap as they can right now because of the economy and to be totally honest I dont think that aspect is ever going to recover. The masses are used to getting things for very inexpensive now.

Of course, this is all my opinion. You can try it and see how it does!


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Aug 20, 2006
Alberta, Canada
Make sure you start it at like 9.99 - I'm thinking if you start it at 99 cents it might just stay there.
Since guess is available on sale and at like TJ Maxx it's easy to get a new one for cheap on ebay so that's why they don't sell well. =(

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Jan 18, 2009
It wouldn't hurt to start one .99 cent auction and let it run its course, just to gauge how successful it is?

Last year I listed a Guess "Alfani" purse, retailed for about $80 and I think I got about $50 for it...good luck! :woohoo: