do gst and pst come in caviar?

  1. if so, what are the prices for that as opposed to lambskin?

    does anyone know the know the approximate dimensions of these two bags?

    I have asked on the shopping forum, but no response. please! someone help!
  2. I have the GST in Beige Caviar with Gold Hardware. Retail was $1750.

    I did have the PST (returned it) in Beige Caviar with Gold Hardware. Retail was $1150.

    I can't remember the dimensions. I'm at work (ha ha). I think I may have posted the GST dimensions on another thread though.

    I know the black and white come in caviar. A dark brown was offered to me and that was in calfskin, I believe. SA said it was more delicate.
  3. I think the calfskin is more expensive. I saw a dark brown calfskin PST at the store last weekend and it was $1350. I'm not an expert in chanel though...
  4. My GST I just got was $1650.00

    And the Pink PST I had was $1095.00, I know they have a beige one at my Saks for $1095.00 =)
  5. thanks so much, lovelies...
  6. Unfortunately, that price is after the increase.
  7. Both of mine are the caviar, they were $1650. I got mine before the increase actually, because the SA I bought the white one from told me to get it when I did (at the end of January) before the increase. And I bought the navy one w/silver hardware last February.
  8. Most of them are caviar, I can't give dimensions, but I know there's black, white, beige, pink, navy and silver at least in the GST, most of those colors are also availble in the PST.