Do fakes make you giggle inside? or am I alone?

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  1. Hi. I just have to know if anyone else loves spotting fakes.

    Most of them are sooo bad, just a little education and you can sooo tell the difference, and yet they seem to think they are fooling people. HA!

    I would rather have a no name *real* leather handbag then some fake plastic wannabe bag.

    I was at PF Chang's last night picking up take-out and the lady in front of me was eyeing my old reliable LV speedy and she had such a bad fake LV Papillon and I just grinned, but boy was I laughing on the inside. My poor MIL, who does not know LV from Gucci, had to listen to me on the car ride home as I picked apart all the fakes we saw.

    So, is there anyone else here who shares my little pastime?
  2. I feel kind of bad for the people I see carrying them. And embarassed for them... :wtf:
  3. Yes! I feel the same way. I just giggle inside --- it is hilarious to just observe how people who are carrying fakes behave as if they are "DE BOMB" --- so to speak.

    Often times I feel bad for those people carrying fakes. IF one has the will, one can find a way (legal way, of course) to carry authentic LV. No need for fakes at all.
  4. They disgust me....:yucky:
  5. I saw a Speedy with "feet" and I said to my bf, "I know it's a fake because tPF taught me." He thought I was nuts. :biggrin:
  6. i think its fun to lok out for the fakes. i know its not nice, but its a great thing to do when you are bored or something, like waiting for dinner, or inline at the theater.
  7. Yes, I giggle inside esp. when the person is reallay snooty and just stares at you like YOUR bag is fake!

    Then I think there are some people out there, who think they have purchased real on eBay or something, I feel sorry for those people
  8. Ok, I am not mean. I do feel sorry for the people who genuiely thought they were buying the real deal.

    My thing I guess is that knowledge is power. I have the knowledge that I have gleemed from tpf to be able to spot them and I especially love when they are better fakes as it poses a little challenge.

    My giggles (which are, of course, withheld) are more towards the young girls who just think that their poo does not stink.

    I would never be snarky and say anything to them. But, I must admit I enjoy seeing what people beilieve to be the genuine article. And pointing that out, later of course, to my close family and friends shows why I choose to spend money on expensive brands. My dh is actually getting good at spotting them now too and do not even get me started my on 6yr, he is a riot. My ds loves to compare my handbag to others he sees, but luckily all he says is Momma, she has a bag like yours, but yours looks much nicer.

    Hopefully, I do not sound so bad now .....
  9. eyes are rolled so much internally, i think my eyeballs are stuck to my brains.
  10. i hate them. i hate what they stand for.
  11. They annoy me too much for me to laugh most of the time, unless it's so bad that I have to laugh. But that happens only rarely.
  12. I love when they look at you and your bag and then give you a special smile as if to say "aren't OUR fake bags wonderful!" Ick!
  13. lol - you didn't sound bad at all! :yes:

    I'm very mean :graucho: and I do laugh sometimes. And my boyfriend has gotten an earful of me whispering about bags and what makes them fake.

    And omg, it's so cute what your ds says!!!
  14. I laugh (inside) at all the people that walk in the jewelry store I work at!!! I see at least 2 fakes a week (it's in a really ghetto area). I've only seen 2 real ones (a mono speedy and pochette!) ugh! it's disgusting! They put their purse on the counter in front of my face like they're better... then they see mine sitting on the chair and tell me "oh... look I have a Louis too!" UGH!:cursing: NO YOU DONT!
  15. Oh, and this brings up another thing - the many different *levels* of fakes. There are the horrible... copies. You know the ones that look kinda like LV, but something is clearly wrong (the initials are... LVV instead of LV, etc). THOSE make me laugh out loud.