Do/Did they ever make an epi strap?

  1. As much as I don't care for the look, I need a strap for my black epi alma when I'm out with my 2 boys. What are my options?

  2. I've seen Epi straps before used for almas (they have the extra hoops on the handles, and the speedy. I've seen them a couple times on Elux and sometimes on eBay.
  3. Yes, they have them... I am pretty sure they are $195
  4. Best to get a black epi strap but they also make vachetta straps.
  5. I bought a strap for my red epi Alma in April. I think they are about $200. I never use it, but thought it was a good idea to have just in case. Mine has silver hardware. I also have a monogram strap for my Ellipse. I also got that for emergencies. I figured I wouldn't use a shoulder strap so much, so I opted for the monogram rather than vachetta.
  6. They do make an Epi strap, it is 0.5" wide and 26" long - It is available for $200.00 plus tax and is available in an array of colors.
  7. They even got epi ivoire long strap!! So, yeah they do exist and go for it!!
  8. they also use it for the epi jasmin
  9. Yes, they have. I remember my mommy has Epi strap in yellow, vanilla & black.