Do chanel sunglasses ever go on sale?

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  1. At the boutique or NM?
  2. don't know about those... but i think they were included in either the bloomies or nordies sale earlier this month. do a search in the chanel shopping section, there was a thread about this.
  3. chanel sunglasses don't go on sale. your best bet will be bloomies f&f for 20% off (they were excluded from saks f&f, not sure about the others).
  4. thanks
  5. Bloomies F&F is the best bet.
  6. I am in UK. I saw them on sale here in UK. I ever got one pair at 50% off from House of Fraser. Harvey Nics and Harrods got them on sale for 10-20% off during the sale period.

    PS: Sunglasses shop here always have 10-30% off too. Sure in the original boutique never has sunglasses go on sale.
  7. Bump--I know this thread is old but I have the same question...and unfortunately, the economy is different now...
  8. i do think they go on sale at nordies sumtimes
  9. I have never seen them on sale, but you can get 20% off at Bloomie's discount days where the whole store is 20% off or Nordstrom also does 10% off the whole store sometimes. Another option would be to open a store charge, sometimes you get a discount.
  10. I've seen sunglasses at the Woodbury outlet boutique that were marked down.
  11. I've never seen them on sale.
  12. what about eyeglass stores?
  13. yes they do. i saw some on sale in NM chanel boutique in Jan. 2009.
  14. I have never been able to get a discount on Chanel sunnies- I never see any on sale in the Chanel boutique, and at my local small sunglass boutiques that do carry them- they are not allowed to give a discount on them per Chanel's request. Believe me, I have asked more than once lol! It is the only brand the sunglass boutiques/eyeglass shops cannot give a discount has always been like that.