Do Chanel Boutiques in the US ship internationally? if so which one? i need help!!

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  1. Hi girls!:heart:
    i'm having a really hard time here! I found the navy reissue i've always wanted.
    The bag is in a Chanel Boutique in the US. I gave the SA my C/C and address
    ( of course my billing and shipping is the same address) . I just received a call from her
    letting me know that they couldnt ship to Canada?
    1. because i have to be there in person at least once to do a phone order for the next time and
    2 because there are boutiques in Canada.
    Canada is not even getting any navy in the 226 ( i dont think) and even if they do i'm sure a list is a mile long. So i asked her if i could do a charge send through a boutique in
    Canada, she said she was sure i couldnt but she would double check with the MGR tomorrow. She also asked me if i could get a friend who lives in the States to order the
    bag for me. But 2600 is a lot of money so i dont want to bother any of my friends. Thus
    being charged tax in the US and then with customs in Canada.
    So my question is, is there any other way i can do this? is there any other boutique that could do an international shipping ? if so could i purchase the bag through a store that would ship? This is so confusing! but please help!:confused1:
  2. Hawaii Chanel does international shipping. Is that why you PM'd me? :yes: You may probably have to still pay customs though...
  3. Holt Renfrew is getting the Navy Blue Reissue....ask them. It has not arrived yet but I would call Vancouver to check. Last time I was there they had the black metallic reissue with gold hardware. It was very very nice. I do know they DID not order RED..hmmmmm not sure why.
  4. It's funny. The Chanel Boutique from US should be able to ship the bag to Canada. I would suggest you to let your SA (or the manager) know that you won't have a chance to get one from Canada (BTW, you are actually paying more after all with all the taxes & custom). My suggest for you is to call up your CC company first & let them know you are buying sth from US. That may help when your SA call the CC company to confirm your shipping address & ID. Or you can do a conference call (You-CC-SA):confused1:

    PS. I can get my reissue tax free from Chanel SF last time, but I'm from NS - no Chanel boutique. Let's see if you can ask for tax free since you're buying from Canada, not US.

    PSS. If any chance you end up have you bag send to someone in the US first (& you pick up later from your friend), make sure you add a US shipping address to your CC as well. Good Luck!;)
  5. I just called the Chanel boutique in Bal Harbour and they do not ship out of the US.
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