Do Chanel bags ever go on sale?

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  1. Hiee!

    This is my first post in the Chanel forum. I just got my first Chanel (a coral Cloudy Bundle EW tote), and I am in LOOVVVVEEE. :yahoo:

    I was wondering if Chanel bags ever go on sale? One eBay seller told me that selected styles are marked down 40% about once a year, but I am skeptical. Is this true? Where and when do they go on sale?

    Thanks for your help, and I will post pics of my Cloudy soon!! (She is getting touched up by the SF Chanel boutique bc I bought her a bit used).
  2. I have seen Chanel on sale anywhere from 25-60% off, none of the classic bags though. Mostly stuff like patchwork, tweed, ipod holders. I did score a 2005 grey re-issure cell phone thingy for $495 once. It really helps to have a good relationship with an SA so they can call you and do a pre-sale. And congrats on the Cloudy! I love that bag.
  3. I've never seen them on sale in a major dept. store.
  4. Check around June and Dec. that's when the major dpt stores mark down the bags that will be on sale.
  5. Both Neimans and Saks have sales on certain Chanel bags and accessories like once or twice a year.
  6. Here in Belgium, at the Chanel boutique, they only mark down clothes and some shoes. No discount on bags nor accessories. And there's a shop with a Chanel corner which does mark down some bags, but they are 2 or 3 years old and generally ugly (yes, even Chanel bags can be ugly sometimes). But there is this outlet in New Jersey, right? I've never been of course and it sounds like the holy grail but i'm sure there's a thread on that somewhere on the forum.:yes:
  7. the cambons (mostly pinks) were on sale at NM/Saks last june or so for almost half off.
  8. Oh I forgot about the Chanel boutiques having sales too! I purchased accessories (earrings, etc) on sale at the Chanel boutique at Houston Galleria before.
  9. Great! Thank you guys so much for your help. Much appreciated. :smile: