Do any store still carry medallion or cambon?

  1. I'm just curious :smile:
    I heard if you can find the product number niemans or Saks can do a store search for you:smile:
  2. I've seen the Medallion in several stores in my area. Not sure about the Cambon.
  3. there were a bunch of medallion totes in multiple colors at BH Saks today.
  4. The Medallion tote is a classic piece so no reason for the stores to stop selling them--only reason would be them being out of stock.
  5. NM in SF has the medallion in both beige and black as well as several bags in the cambon line.
  6. Both should still be available in the states.
    As mentioned Medallion is Timeless Classic, it's always available unless it'e temporarily sold out.
    Cambon is still available @NM in the states.
  7. i've seen the medallion in stores. Idk about the cambon
  8. SF Neimans had a bunch of cambons recently.
  9. The local Nordstrom's here in Minnesota carries it...just call the Mall of fact, they have both styles well-stocked.