Do any of you ever give up finding that perfect bag?

  1. I have been searching high and low for a few months for the perfect Turq. 05 city and RT '05 city. It seems it is almost impossible to find either of these bags. Is it truly impossible and do any of you ever just give up on a particular bag search? Curious how far you all go to find the bags you want! :sad:
  2. Well, I know how frustrating it can be....I am currently looking for a MILLION bags at once...haha. Not just my wishlist but also the ones that you mentioned and many more.
    what decreased my possiblity of finding (and then owning) these bags, is that i'm a student so i'm on a budget!!

    However, I will never give up hope!! It's frustrating, but I think it's also fun! There is always something you aspire to have and it never makes it boring. Until i find all my lovelies, I content myself with looking at others gorgeous collections and street bal sightings!!
  3. I've been looking for an 04 turquoise twiggy and first for two years...still don't have them, but I'm not giving up! I did stop my search for a little while for financial reasons, but I definitely didn't give up. It does take patience though, that's for sure.
  4. Nope!! Dream, wish, search, admire and am glad for others' Finds, look at the pictures in your mind..Miracles do sometimes happen:girlsigh:
  5. I looked for a while for both my 2001 le dix and my '05 RT City. Both were holy grails for me, but oh so worth it when I found them. I hope to someday find a RT Weekender - ah then life would be sweet!
  6. :dots:
  7. I have wanted a Black Work for the longest time but not any ole Black Work will do. It had to have thick, smooth and very lightly distressed, if none at all, leather and it had to be made from chevre. The hunting and tenacity paid off when a gorgeous 07 Black Work was available and I grabbed that baby right away! It goes to show that patience does pay off and I'm ususally not patient when it comes to Bbags.:p
  8. For me, "perfect" is a moving target, probably because I'm so impatient. I want something but if I can't find it, I'll move on to something else. I just hate the feeling of wanting something and (if it's a past season, for example) it being totally out of my control to find/get it.
  9. yep..hard and frustrating but if you ever DO find it you will be so excited!
  10. nope, never give up. i hold out for color/leather preference. that explains my rotation of bags.
  11. you can't give up!! believe it or not, these bags will find their way to you somehow. i searched, hoped, etc. to find an HG of mine (05 black work) and i eventually found one. it took a long time (about a year) but it was worth the wait. also, sometimes the bags you think you would die if you didn't have, once you get them you realize they weren't really an HG after all and the search begins again!

    we're all looking for that perfect bag with incredible leather. so, as they say - join the club!!!!
  12. I'm still holding out for a '06 Grenat Weekender or a '05 Bordeaux Weekender. Sigh.
  13. :yes::yes:
  14. Well, I have just found my 05 Bubblegum First and then whack! a whole heap of bills flooded in...Now I have to sell her...
  15. My HGs (anything in 04 Rose and the Minis!) came quite quickly for me and altogether! So it was my bank account that took a beating. But I guess I'm really blessed...