Do all the zips on Bal bags say Lampo

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Jun 20, 2013
Hello Ladies, I am new to Balenciaga and think I may have just bought a fake :sad:
The bag I purchased was promised to be 100% authentic but I am having my doubts!
I have religiously checked the all the the rivets,bale etc .... And all seems good but the fact that worries me is that the zips that close the bag do not have 'Lampo' imprinted on the underside. It is just smooth. The bag that I purchased was a RGGH city bag and also the leather is thin lambskin like and not puffy like those that I have seen on this forum.
Please,please,please can someone let me know if the Rose Gold Giant Hardware City bag zips should have the Lampo on the underside or not. And for my future reference, should all Balenciaga bag zips have Lampo on the underside or only certain styles.

If any of you wonderful and helpful ladies can help put my mind at rest then I would be eternally grateful. Below is the bag I received and the seller claims that the colour is
Vert Sauge but I don't believe that is correct as it's a bright turquoise colour and not like the Vert Sauge I have seen online. Thank You in advance xxx


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