Do all Pilot bags have the same number creed?

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  1. Quick question...I did some sleuthing and found two beautiful parker shoulder bags in mushroom from two different people, but both bags have the same creed. I found another one on bonanzle and the bag has the same numbers, too. Now, do all pilot bags have the same number, or is this the same bag circulating 3 different times?
  2. If one is on ebay and another is on Bonanzle it could be the same sellar trying to sell tghe bag on both sites. As for the creed I wouldn't think that they would be the same. I thought that every bag had a different number. Kind of like no 2 people have the same SSN. I could be wrong!!
  3. See, that's what I thought, too! As soon as I found it on bonanzle, I flew over here to do as much research on the bag as possible and found 2 different reveals of the mushroom shoulder bag. All THREE bags had the same creed number!

    Just talked to DH and he's not too thrilled about the idea of a new bag anyway :sad: But I looooove parker leather. It's what started my love affair with coach! and the mushroom!
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    This is incorrect. The same size/style bag has the same creed number. Especially the last 5 digits, which is the style number. For example, all Parker Leather Hippies, regardless of color, have 13411 as the last 5 digits. Large Leather Zoes are 12669, and so on.

    Coach bags used to have unique serial numbers back in the late 60s and 70s (possibly the 80s as well), but not anymore.

    ETA: just a quick way to decode a creed number from what I know:

    "No. D0893-12669"

    "D" = production month April (A=Jan., B=Feb, etc.)
    "08" = year
    "93" = ?? not sure, probably can find info in a thread here somewhere
    "12669" = style number, common to all large leather Zoes... all colors
  5. that explains it! Thanks so much! Now I just need to convince DH so I can pull the trigger...
  6. Good luck getting yours... the Parker leather is wonderful! I've been trying to find a reasonably priced black leather Hippie for months!!

    Oh, and Pilot bags will have a "P" after the style number, in case you were looking for a specific one. For example, the Sabrina in cranberry color was only a pilot release. So its style number was "12949P" instead of "12949."

    Again, good luck! Be sure to post a reveal :biggrin:
  7. yay it's mine! DH is going to hold it hostage until I "earn" it by cleaning the house haha. I did something similar to him with washing dishes when he really wanted something a few months ago.

    the hippie is my first love, but since I originally wanted it in mushroom...this bag is the PERFECT match :smile: good luck getting your hippie! I ended up getting it at a FP store with PCE, but well worth it.
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