Do all COACH pouches have CREEDS? STYLE#6548

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  1. Hey ladies
    I'm currently working on this purchase online
    It is:
    Coach Hampton Weekend pouch 6548
    however the seller claims that there is no creed patch on the inside
    I know that normally pouches will not have a serial number
    but no creed?!
    Is this possible? or is it a fake

    I could use some guidance from anyone who owns this bag
    or anyone who just may have information!
  2. You should (and are suppose to) post the link or pictures and the above info in the "Authenticate " forum, pinned above.

    You will get more responses.
  3. thanks
    sorry i am new to this :S
    now i have to figure out how to delete this thread
  4. Dont be sorry! Im new here too, but am an addict now, so just thought Id let you know. LOL
  5. If you are talking about the little top handle pouches, those don't have creeds as far as I know. I know my signature stripe pouch & legacy stripe ouch don't have them.
  6. the pouches are cosmetic pouches normally, at least that's what they're intended for, so they wouldn't necessarily have creeds. At least not as far as I know. :smile:
  7. yeah it's actually in the style of a top handle pouch
    but i wasn't sure!
    i've seen several top handle pouches with creeds
  8. Oh, I haven't seen pouches with creeds, but I only have 2. Stophle is right, though, they're listed on the website under Cosmetic Cases.