Do agendas come with dustbags?

  1. So I went shopping for an agenda today at LV and the SA handed me my bag and my agenda was just wrapped in some tissue paper, so I asked for a box and she gave me one. When I got home I noticed she didn't put it in a dustbag, do agendas normally come with dustbags? I thought pretty much everything you buy came with one.
  2. which one did you get?

    my koala did come with a dustbag.
  3. mine did not. i got mine from bermuda and it was sent in a box with tissue and that's it. i needed to exchange it and when i did i asked for a dustbag and they said no. they told me- which i believe is not true- that agendas don't come with dustbags. they also told me epi speedys don't come in boxes so i think they just did not want to give me one...
  4. Thanks...I ended up getting a small size mono agenda. I'll call the store and see if they will give me one.
  5. you are always entitled to a box and dustbag. if the sa doesn't put your item in one, just ask!
  6. My groom agenda came with a dustbag & box, definitely ask for a dustbag :yes:
  7. hmmm ok....I just called my local LV store and they said that any small leather goods (except vernis) are not supposed to come with dustbags. So I told her that I've received dustbags with a wallet and keychain I recently bought and she just said that was probably a courtesy or something. That still doesn't sound right to me. :confused1:
  8. That's bizzare... I got a dustcover AND a box when I bought my cles! When I bought my koala agenda I got a dustcover. I've shopped at the Horton Plaza LV and the Fashion Valley LV (both in San Diego, CA) and in Scottsdale, AZ without incident. Maybe they were just busy that day?
  9. My medium Suhali one came with was in the dustbag then wrapped in tissue. :smile:
  10. my groom did
  11. My Vernis agenda came in an agenda-sized dustbag! If small goods aren't supposed to come in a dustbag, then what are the teeny dustbags supposed to be FOR? HMM, LV SAs??
  12. My mc agenda came with one.
  13. My groom did.
  14. My epi came with dustbag and box.
  15. my groomie did...with a box as well...everything should come with a dustbag apart from the extender key chains