1. So my sis-in-law and I were @ Nordies last night and I was showing her the large carly that I wanted and asked her how it looked on me...She said it ate me up because i'm so short and the bag is so big :sad: I love the length of the large (I think the medium is "too short", I like bags that hang @ my hips) So...i'm in a dilema...Should I get the large or does Coach make a bag similar that doesn't look so big?
  2. Get what you love! That's why I try shop alone so that I don't have nay-sayers to talk me out of stuff. I've said "I'm only 5'2" on a good day!" (that's with a good pair of shoes!), so who cares how big the bag is! If you love it - get it! :tup:
  3. who cares what your sister or anyone else thinks. get what you love and screw anyone who criticizes you for it! :yes:
  4. get what YOU like. who cares if someone sees you and thinks "oh i dont like that bag on her" or "i dont like that bag period"... too bad! because i know that when you love your purse, you feel awesome with it on =D

    but get what you want. thats why i hate bringing my boyfriend into coach sometimes. last week i tried on the ergo large hobos, and he asked me "that's WAYY too big. what are you going to put in it?" or i tried on the patent leather and he thought i was crazy cause it was shiny.

    sorry for the long response, but i LOVE big bags! get it! =P
  5. Get it if you love it!! You regret it if you don't :smile:.
  6. Do you love it?? If so........Get it!! Forget everyone else. Im only 5ft. 2 and have 2 large Carlys. I could care a less what anyone thinks. JMO
  7. If you love it, go for it.
  8. ty everyone! :biggrin:
  9. Not everyone loves big bags. Actually, only true bag lovers and moms like big bags. Most others carry little tiny bags. So I wouldn't take what she said too seriously. She may not know what the carly is supposed to look like on someone. A lot of people make fun of me for wearing huge bags...but I don't care much....caz I love carrying around all of my junk...lol..just get what you love!

    Edit: by the way, I have a medium carly, and I love her, and she is well loved, however I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed in how small it was. I was hoping it would be a little bigger. But it's still a gorgeous bag..

    I've enclosed a pic of me with the medium carly so you have an idea of how big it is...I'm 5'2" and not even gonna tell you my weight (haha).
    Picture 404.jpg Picture 405.jpg
  10. I agree with you on this. The medium is closer to what I like than the large but I wish the medium was a little bigger. But I tried the large and it was *too* big. I need a medium-plus sized Carly (or a small-large). But I dig my medium all the same. And I have gotten tons of compliments on her since I've been using her.:yes:
  11. Girl buy what you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you love it go for it. I'm short too, believe me short! I buy all kinds of bags!
  12. yeah I think i'm going to wait til November (my bday + a coach store is coming into the mall :biggrin:) Right now my Nordies just has the khaki/black combo and I want the black. :smile:

    thanks for the opinions ladies :biggrin: