Discounts for j12?

  1. Ladies! I'm soo ready to buy the J12 white ceramic watch, but its really hurting to buy it full price..haha. I have every credit card for every department store ie, Saks, neiman, bloomies, Nordies, Barneys, So opening a new account won't work.

    Does anyone have any suggestions ? Please help, I really want this watch.

    Thanks in advance :smile::smile::smile:
  2. Maybe call Saks and ask if Chanel fine jewelry is included in their Friend & Family discounts.
  3. If you do a search on J12, someone wrote about discounts through the Chanel boutiques and how to approach the s/a. The boutiques receive a lot of competition from the department stores because customers like to take advantage of events that earn them points or rewards (gift cards) for expensive purchases. The boutiques cannot offer those incentives and lose a lot of business when customers purchase their J12's elsewhere.

    Maybe saying something like you enjoy shopping the department stores because of incentive events the Chanel boutique does not offer. What can you offer me to make the purchase here? Even fine jewelry stores will accept counteroffers for their merchandise which is often highly marked up. Saying "Is this the final price?" on something you really want to buy usually renders a discount of some sort.
  4. When I bought my J12 my SA at Neiman's gave me 10% off.
    I had a rapport with her, and didn't ask for it. She just volunteered it.
    I DID tell her right as I handed her my CC, "this is my largest purchase ever on my neiman's charge". Then she said, "oh, I will give you 10% off to offset the sales tax".
  5. I got 10% off and paid no tax when I bought it from Saks in Chevy Chase MD and had it shipped to me in VA :smile:
  6. how about those online stores that offer it? but I'm not sure on the authenticity though..
  7. If you order from the HI boutique prices are usually less and depending where you are there is no tax.

    I've also heard places like Tourneau are inclined to give discounts.

    If you're going to the CC route, can you close your account and then re-open it again for the 10%? Depending on which j12, it may be worth it.
  8. my SA from handbag department asked the Fine jewelry manager if she can give me 10% off, and she gave me 10% off. I shipped it to Iowa so no tax.. that was $300+ savings :yahoo:

    it was 2-3 years ago though, I don't know if they change the policy.
  9. ^Wow you guys all go 10% off? That seriously surprises me. I LOVE the J12. So expensive though. :sad:
  10. I got 10% off my J12 at NM. I also purchased during double points.
  11. Thanks all for responding. Hopefully I can convince my Saks SA to give me a 10% discount and no tax.

  12. I know that certain employees get 30% off but I don't know if that includes Chanel watches and fine jewelries department.
  13. There is a store in LA that sells authorized Chanel watches for at 15% off. I bought my husband an Omega and I searched Omega's website & the company was listed as an agent.

    If any of you are near LA, you guys should check it out.

    I'm just not sure if I can give out the name here. :shrugs: